Myran rotating blades

Myran rotating bladesThe design of the spinners of the company Myran is the embodiment of an old dream of spinningists to increase the casting distance of spinners No. 0–1 due to the added weight, without changing the dimensions and degrading the quality of the game, that is, catching large fish with small spinners. Myran baubles are a successful combination of weight, volume, overall compactness and games that are not inferior to the best samples of spinning blesses on a wire core. All Myran lures completely refute the hypothesis that it is natural to play, creating the necessary vibration of the petal and core, can only bait on the wire frame. The spinners Myran, along with a good game – great ballistics. In its class, the casting distance they have no equal.

In this case, I do not want to consider the ballistic capabilities of Tuna Lax lures weighing 25-30 g, which are not inferior in terms of casting distance to the lure of Kastmaster of similar weight. All spinners firm Myran (weight from 1.5 g to 3 g) fly an average of 3-5 meters further than any similar to them in size lures. Bait out of competition when fishing in waters with a large area and in windy weather. They are also indispensable when fishing over cautious fish that do not allow them to come close to them. Such opportunities baits allow in all cases as quickly as possible to detect the parking of fish. Much of the spinners are equipped with tees with flies tied to them, which no doubt is an additional advantage when catching most predatory fish.

Almost all the baits of this company seem to be designed for catching a particular fish, in fact, are universal baits that can provoke any fish caught in the catch zone. And quite often on spinners weighing 3-5 g come across large specimens of pike perch, pike and perch. Each lure with a total stable catchiness has a number of its own unique advantages, bringing success to a spinningist in various situations. Therefore, it makes no sense to dwell on the merits of a particular lure, the benefit of all nine. And I would like to emphasize once again that spinners spinners weighing up to 5 g, which have no analogues in terms of the aggregate, are especially valued by spinningists.

In the last 1.5-2 years, the number of crafts under the baits of the company Myran begins to compete with the lures under the company Mepps. All spinners made under Myran can be divided into two types:
– high quality, very close to the original in design and in the game, but with their know-how and indication on the packaging of the manufacturer;
– rude “leftist” – a parody (it’s not a turn to call it a copy) with screaming flaws.

The first type of spinners will be left to the conscience of the manufacturer, since almost all the component parts of such similar to the original spinners are made to conscience and fish are caught no worse than the original. And if so, then this is an internal matter of the company, which has no direct relation to catchability. But the second type of spinners, the so-called "horror stories" under the firm Myran, are easily distinguishable by eye. The main differences with the original are as follows:
– the packaging is made of muddy plastic and at one glance at the lure you can find more than ten differences from the original. For example, the core is made of ordinary steel with electroplated coating and differs from the original even in color. In the parody of the VIP spinner, there is no front sight on the hook. Other lyapy each "leftist" and its abundant and it makes no sense to list them.

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