Moscow River. Walk around the center. Street fishing

The more often you go fishing and constantly change places, the higher the chances of finding a fish. And if you're lucky, the big fish.

Today is another street fishing in Moscow. The embankments call, especially after the rain outside it is cool, which means the fish must be active. Need to check this.

My route: today 2 embankments. On one I'm going to catch along the parapet, but on the other from long range. There you can say near edge. Enough 5-6 grams to draw to the right place. Moreover, Hearty Rise Area Master is a bit, but it can be overloaded. Maximum I overloaded it with 8 grams.

In connection with the cooling or even with some signs, the fish left the parapet. The maximum that I managed to catch there was a stable pecking perch. By the way there is no perch in the grass.

With "dalnyak" everything is different. The fish is there, and she wants to eat! But then I understand that this is the way out. Literally in the shortest possible time I get 3 poklevki and I can not lift all 3 Sudak on the parapet. The hook is small and does not pierce the end of the pike perch. As a result, on the rise, the pike perch falls off.

Well, at the end of fishing I get an excellent bite already at the parapet and immediately cut back. Yes, pike in the center – a rarity, but flies.

Reports from reservoirs: Moscow River. Walk around the center. Street fishing


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