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This morning I decided to make a short walk along my home river. In addition, there was a replenishment in the arsenal, and today I wanted to try some of my new things. The weather in the morning was quiet and calm. I arrived at my home river at 4 o'clock, just as the sun was beginning to look out over the horizon, and with its orange light it lit up the water.

Today I used the following kit: Gamakatsu LUXXE Yoihime Hana S69FL-Solid rod, Shimano 19’Vanquish reel c2000sss with Daiwa Gekkabijin Tsukinohibiki II PE 0.15 cord. I decided to start catching with a small creature Merega Zokku on a 1.3 gram gr. And after 10 minutes of rinsing the bait in the coastal zone, I get a confident bite, another instant, and the cord sags … Not the best start. I am tied up, this time I suggest the predator is slanted by Merega Crazy Head in red, and after a couple of minutes a similar bite is taken elsewhere, but the fish is not detected. Repeated throwing, biting is repeated, and this time hooking is effective. Brisk cord managed to open an account of today's fishing.

A very unusual beginning of fishing. From this place for all the time I did not ever catch a pike at all, but today I am caught and cut.
There are no pockets, I decide to move closer to the bridge. There, from the very first casts again at the Crazy Head, I persuade a couple of small “sailors”.

Increasing to Merega BlockHead, and then bite and very pleasant resistance. At first I thought that a pike was caught again, but no, it was a larger striped, a real fighter.

And after him an annoying gathering. As it seems to me, it was again a good okushka, yet the place of bite, and its very nature, was exactly the same as that of the past striped. Then a lull, a few minutes later the situation was defused by a couple of small perches.

In the meantime, the time was nearing 6 in the morning, the bites almost stopped, only occasionally, the whales uncertainly poked at the bait. I move to a deeper area, where I catch a couple of okushkas on BlockHead under the beach, the size, alas, is not a bonus.

I switch to a small one, make it easier to 1 gram and I suggest the predator again the cockroach Merega Zokku. And again a pike bite takes place on a cockroach, and again she cuts it off on a bite … I tangle, continue to fish, but nothing but another bite came to me. At this I decide to finish fishing.

In general, the morning exit was quite good. Weather favored, fish naughty, but anyway, without a catch, I was not left.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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