We decided today to break out early for pike perch. Check out to see if it will respond before dawn. As it turned out, before dawn, one poke and all.

Dawn began, visibility was already quite good, and boatmen, local feeders and spinningists gradually began to pull up. I, as before, without changing tactics, 10 casts on a point and move on, looking for or waiting for a pike perch.

At the third point, there were already 7 spinning players with me. I was the first to come to the point. In less than 15 minutes a light “TUK” is approaching the edge, but the first pancake is lumpy, the bite is idle. I repeat the casting at about the same place, but I reduce the distance, on the approach to the edge of the "TUK" it is. At first I thought I was frowning with a small fanged tooth, but it turned out not, a pleasant zander and a bait in the mouth.

Nikolai, as usual, flies and becomes a point, while I take a photo for memory and also raises a zander. Honestly, it’s not really nice when you find a point, and someone gets there and starts to catch while you're busy with something ..

We go further.

By the way, a total of 4 zander were raised from the point. The students who wanted, he took, the kids up to 38 cm were released.

We approached another promising point. Along the way, the fishermen lost count. Dvizhuha just like in the Championship of the region. In practice, there are no places where you can calmly abandon, every three meters a spinning player or a donor.

Some friends gathered at the point. They became every 3-4 meters and begin to make casts. The first bite is again on the way to the edge. I am casting again, but again for a shorter distance, I bring the bait to the point where there was a bite and the story repeats. This time the pike perch crushed the bait … The story with Kolya is also repeated, he came, he began to be right next to my spinning and let's throw and yell at the whole body of water. A few minutes pass and then Max raises his test zander.


Soon the alarm rings and it's time to move to work. The store opens at 8.00, and so the hunt is still to stay and catch until dinner …

On the bait. Today, the same bait worked for me again, as the last few visits – LureMax Sensor 4 "in acid, although other fishermen caught in different sizes and colors. I set, machine oil, PAL03, caramel oil, but I did not see any bites.


Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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