Mormyshka tactics and techniques

Mormyshka tactics and techniquesIt doesn’t matter what kind of fish you are going to catch on mormyshka – bream, roach, perch or bleak – you must first of all take into account the seasonal and daily diet. In winter, the fish diet is more scarce, in addition, oxygen starvation, which causes a slowed metabolism in the body of fish, affects. Mormyshka itself, as mentioned above, most often imitates any food organism. But nevertheless, it should be recognized that in most cases, fish takes better on mormyshka with a natural nozzle, for which Moscow fishermen, for example, usually use bloodworms, burdock, or “sandwiches” from them. Depending on the depth of fishing, the strength of the current and the size of the proposed fish, you should be able to quickly navigate the selection of suitable gear. This is the first.

The second one. In winter, fish can occupy different horizons: at the very bottom, 0.5-1 m from it, half a water and even at the bottom of the ice. The bream, for example, depending on atmospheric pressure, either stands at the very bottom, then rises higher, sometimes in the middle layers of the water. In the second case, he is unlikely to respond to the most delicious bait delivered to the bottom. "Walking" in half the water, especially in deep holes, the fish can also in places of accumulation of zooplankton or when melt water arrives, the ice through the old holes. I think I won’t tell a secret if I say that every winter-angler has his own worked out technique for years with mormyshka. To begin with, it is important to understand the difference in the game with bait when catching different types of fish. Such fish as bream, roach, silver bream, sopa, often have to catch a slow game. While perch and bleak prefer faster bait movements.

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During a zhor, it often happens that no game is required at all. The fish grabs the bait either in the water column or calmly lying at the bottom. But this is when she is very hungry. In other cases, success can bring only skillful wiring that simulates the behavior of a particular feed object that lives in this reservoir. In 99 cases out of 100, I first lower the bait or without nozzle mormyshka to the bottom. For several seconds she lies motionless. Then I tear it from the bottom, knock it on the bottom 3-4 times and make wiring with a particular oscillation frequency about half a meter up. It is useful on this not very long stretch of the path to play the bait several times at one point and after each game to pause, during which sometimes a bite occurs. Do not forget that the main task of the game with bait is: a) to attract fish from the side (which requires a more intense game) and b) to induce it to bite.

If there is no bite or there is no fish under the hole, sometimes you have to make a whole series of postings to attract a fish school and only then start a game that provokes the fish to attack. There are many tricks of the game with jigsaw, designed both to attract fish to the place of fishing, and to provoke it to bite. But all these lowering of the bait to the bottom, tapping on it, pauses, amplitudes and frequency of vibrations of a novice angler may be ineffective. Mormyshka must be felt. And it comes with experience. For myself, I have long realized that in a productive game four main components work:
1. The most convenient grip of the fishing rod: the hand is on the handle from above, the index finger rests against the coil. In the fingers, like a pencil, only the tip of the handle is clamped. The hand lies on top of the coil – in the case of a balalaika.
2. The design and elasticity of the nod correspond to the weight of the mormyshka.
3. The nozzle does not distort the game.
4. The speed of posting and the frequency of oscillations of the bait are determined by the specific type of fish and its activity.

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It is difficult to achieve the desired rhythm if you are fishing from an open hole. In this case, I advise you to press the fishing line to the edge of the hole during the game, which will avoid the chaotic movements of the nod. The same thing must be done when the wind interferes with the game.

There is a general rule: heavy mormyshki should be used when fishing at depth, and light – aground. But sometimes the winter-fisherman has to act exactly the opposite. In frosty weather with the wind, the hole is quickly drawn in by ice, the fishing line freezes, as a result of which lowering the bait to the desired depth (even not more than a meter) becomes problematic. Here heavy mormyshka is irreplaceable. It is convenient and in strong currents, which will simply bear the light bait. With sluggish biting, experienced fishing anglers often use the so-called dribbling, when the bait trembles finely and finely for 5-10 seconds at the very bottom, attracting fish. Bite usually follows after the mormyshka freezes without movement.

author: Kazantsev V.
We catch from the ice. All Secrets of Winter Fishing (Complete Fishing Guide)

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