Microjig per channel

The day before the trip to fishing, I thought for a long time to go taking risks or not, I really want to catch perch, but I did not want to run into the patrol. All the same, I decide to go, I think that it will be possible to run into the distance along the pond and hide from the horizon.

Morning breakfast with coffee and faster food on the canal. A small breeze will blow in the back practically, fishing should be comfortable. It took a long time to get away from the parking lot, and there were much more fishermen, apparently everyone was tired of sitting under house arrest and people just got out to the water and spend time with their favorite fishing.

Since I wanted to enjoy the easiest and most delicate kind of fishing, I took a microjig stick, did not take light and relatively large lures. As usual, this is Aiko Tirrel 210 UL-S with a test of up to 5 grams, Shimano Exage 2500 FD with a thread of Sunline PE EGI ULT HG in diameter # 0.4. Arriving at the place where he wanted to start, he collected spinning, reel, chose a bait and began searching for striped.

From the experience of fishing on this channel, I knew that the predator would stay on the shore or on the edge, casting into the distance is definitely not needed, if only to check just in case, and the whole fish keeps on the edge. Equipping a load of 4 grams and a small bait, he began a very active posting, because spring is already in full swing and there is no need to fish out fish, it should be more active. And so it was, at the first point I caught a small pike, and a couple of dips.

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I didn’t stop for a long time, it’s immediately obvious that the predator is active and tried to catch active fish and walk along the shore more. The farther the fewer fishermen and calmer, all of my points accumulated are free and there are fish on them. I changed the bait to a darker, more precisely blue, it is from the category of stretching and very wear-resistant to bites and teeth. Perch and pike also appreciated it and attacked right in front of the edge, in its lower part.

I didn’t particularly experiment with the size of the bait, I didn’t increase it as the predator was well caught on small vibro-tails, from small perch to medium pike. The spotted one was apparently completely ill and began to eat actively, which means that every day there will be more pike capture, and for delicate tackle this is doubly more pleasant.

Today I caught Mizuko on a small vibrotail and a Kitori Strong stretching with a weight of 4 grams of cheburashka on baits, the wiring was quite active with a minimum pause at the bottom and the fish liked it.

I caught a fish today and did not regret it a bit that I decided to go anyway, because we really need such a good outdoor activity. And contented, a little tired went back and home.