Microjig on an early summer morning

In the midst of a hot summer, the behavior of the fish changes very much, and it becomes difficult to catch it, but anything is possible. I wanted to catch perch on the most delicate tackle, which is available on almost any body of water, everyone’s favorite microjig. And in order to catch a predator in the summer, it is necessary to arrive at the reservoir in the very early morning, because the activity in the fish mainly in the morning is not very hot yet. Arrived on the pond, while he got and collected the spinning, the sun rose from the horizon.

Started as usual when fishing perch with a cheburashka weighing 3 grams and a passive bait, a little leech of color engine oil works very well on a perch. Striped showed himself lightning fast, attacked a leech on the ejection.

Since the perch was caught from the depths, I was looking for places where deeper, striped responded well to the leech. On weakening of the bite, it was possible to add to the bright vibro-tail with a red heel.

While the morning is early and active, you need to take a moment and catch it in pleasure, sometimes experimenting with baits and postings. The perch was very furious and almost all the attacks were with a clear punch, not a pike perch, of course, but there are a lot of pleasant sensations. And the leech itself was swallowed sometimes very deeply. There was a powerful bite, and it felt like a pike, but she quickly took advantage of the delicate tackle and drove away into the grass and there she went safely giving me a bunch of algae.

The sun began to bake, the perch became poorly caught from the depths and moved closer to the edge in the grass. Yes, and I became less addicted to silicone baits, then I began experiments with spinners and tail spinners by conducting them along the algae where it turned out.

After passing another 200 meters and having a bite of sour apples, he stopped at the last point for today. Here the perch was and was caught medium, if you alternate the bait with both silicone and spinners, you can catch several medium-sized snacks.

Today the fishing turned out to be excellent, the perch was active from early morning until 9 o’clock, then it weakened almost quickly, if single individuals were caught. All the same, you have to come early to be with the catch. Silicone baits Tairo and Aru worked well on baits, from iron octopus Mizu 27 and Rindo. On this I finished fishing and set off on a long road back.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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