Microjig. For one bait all day

The weekend morning began with coffee and thought whether to go fishing and self-isolate !!! The weather is spring and warm, a little overcast but there shouldn't be rain, only a western breeze is blowing, which is catching water and everything can be bad with biting, but it’s better to mess around at home.

I arrived at the pond, as it has already become a custom, I hid the car behind trees and bushes so as not to "call my eyes" gear in my hands and hurriedly forward. After passing a kilometer, I began to collect Aiko Tirrel 210 UL-S 0.5-5 micro-jig spinning, I just wanted to enjoy any caught fish, no matter what size it is.

The water is unclear due to the wind, it will probably be better to start with dark lures, in the loads you will have to weight up to 3-4 grams to better control the wiring and touching the bottom. A small 55 mm Tairo leech, the color of engine oil, which is probably the most common classic color of the bait, goes into the water. A few idle transactions, then on a pause I feel a slight pulling of the bait, but I’ve hooked anyone, probably a trifle or a peaceful fish trying to eat a thin bait tail. At the next cast, we managed to catch this striped robber, a small dash opens an account, the only one from this point for some reason.

If I go on like this, I need to find cleaner water and the further the cleaner it should be. There is a lot of fry in the water and someone chases him, but does not respond to baits thrown to the point. There are also a lot of splashes of crucian carp which is now actively rubbing in the reeds. I found a small piece from which small perch was well caught, but there were a lot of it. I tried to enlarge on the bait, but there was nothing besides idle bites, apparently the grains and pike are not active today due to the west wind.

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In the next place, with the first posting on the drawing, I feel a powerful bite, a sharp cut and I feel the heaviness, such a lively resistance, and when I brought him to the shore I saw a handsome crucian, honestly ate the bait, probably taking it for a worm or larva.

In one place it was interesting to watch the duck sitting in the nest, who was looking at a float torn by someone, as if she were fishing and waiting for a bite.

I was going in the opposite direction, stopped catching, stood for a long time but persuaded the last striped perch, although of course I wanted to catch large fish in the end. And then the “guests” came to the watering place with questions: Well, what is biting? What is it pecking at? And how does it bite? And where is it biting? …

I had to leave, and in principle I was already going back, I caught the fish and rested, I could go home.