Microjig and again microjig

A hot weekend morning, of course, is not the best time to go fishing, but I really want to go fishing for microjig. Moreover, a strong east wind blows which simply will not allow you to comfortably catch from a boat on a river or lake. Therefore, microjig today will be the best, and you can choose the shore where the wind will blow in the back without interfering with casting and fishing. There are few cars at the beginning of the reservoir, so everyone has already rolled the road into the depths of the canal, well, I won’t drive my puzoterka and, as usual, admire nature as a pawn.

As usual, I collect tackle, pick bait and cargo into the working box and the search for a predator begins, a Cheburashka weighing 3 grams and a small vibro-tail of bright color will be just optimal. Immediately in the first place from the second casting, small perch is caught, a good start and I thought it would be cool now, but it was the first and only perch in an hour and a half of fishing.

The farther away the cleaner the water became, but the entire coastal edge and the shallow part were already heavily overgrown with grass, it would interfere with the removal of fish that still needed to be found. Sifting through the baits from twisters to passive leeches that did not work, he decided to equip the vibrotail with a dark blue color again. This worked after a while and caught a small pike that swallowed very deeply, tried to very carefully remove the bait, but still slightly damaged the gills, I hope that it survives.

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Winter places with shallow water didn’t work at all, I was looking for perch on sharp edges near the shore and in some places he was caught. Of course, the size is far from large, but still good.

Not without negativity, as usual they put nets on any reservoir, and then they themselves are surprised that the fish became fewer, and indeed it really becomes smaller every year.

The sun was getting hotter and the nibble was getting weaker, but still managed to catch the striped and spotted. Then, reaching the last working point, he went back.

Today, Aru 40 lures of a bright, provocative color worked very well, and Kitori Strong 40, which had already proved its catchability many times, also worked very well.

blue, which is very contrasted in any color and turbidity of the water. These small baits caught both medium perch and small pike. Fishing went perfectly, rested as always on fishing.