It has long been planned to get out in search of a toothy beauty. But all the same, who could, he scored on his own affairs, who the day off, who on vacation, got together and went to the ponds.

This time they decided to go to the RK “ON FLOAT”. I’m at this cascade of three ponds for the third time, but if in previous times I was limited in time, then this time everything was much better, at least at all times.

At the beginning of the third night, Andrei is already with me, on the way we go, we take Maxim and rush with happy faces to the pond. Misha is going on his own. I’ll drop off the coordinates of the check-in on Whatsapp, and then in the telephone mode ..

We were there before dawn. We collect spinning rods, treat ourselves with a reftamid and make a couple of casts, sit down to drink coffee and wait until it becomes completely light.

We started from the first pond from the most occupied place and moved to the dam. There are practically no free places with an approach to water, all are occupied by fish-eaters with floats and carps. As it turned out later, there was a stocking of carp, fish-eaters were ready to cut each other's throats at points. Some of the most arrogant comrades simply threw a fishing rod into the water on empty spots, while they themselves fished calmly. I never understood this, the desire to drown such on the spot ….

While they reached the dam, each managed to leave a pair of baits as a gift to Neptune on the deaf hooks.

We decide to go to the third pond, there was just nobody there, and my first visit to this RK was precisely on him. Upon arrival, we see a small activity of pike. Periodically, bursts and fry in the classics in different directions.

A dozen casts of large rubber 16 cm and one attack of small pike. I put the Luremax Paragon 22 g vibrator in color 78 and start casting. I put the bait to the bottom, I make a toss and begin to conduct slow wiring, periodically accelerating it by a couple of revolutions, let’s say, torn wiring. At the moment when the bait was slowed down by an easy suspension and further resistance. All the same, the pike got into an acid lure. Not large, but pleasant, the first of our four in the pond. This was the first pike out of the day. Maxim also immediately has a bite and an annoying descent off the coast. Andrew saw one bite, but Misha, it’s more and more complicated. At one pause on twitching, an evil bite, his Zetrix Ambition-X to 33 g, he could not lift to the top. She goes to the top, it is clear that a wicker sticks out from the mouth, the leash of 25 cm is completely there. He begins to pull her to the shore. A meter from the shore a candle and a slice. The pike is clearly about 5 kg, but alas not raised. His face would be better not to see.

A series of point changes. On one approach I make a cast, when the bait fell – a blow. The bend is pleasant, the friction claps. Near the shore, a sharp departure to the side and exit to the candle. Visually pike in the area of ​​treshki. Raise it in a classic without additional options and an accessory, all by hand, in order to equalize the chances. Emotions of the sea, a pleasant fish hit the head of the Luremax Slim Shad 12 cm bait in Chile Loch color. Andrei takes the same bait from me only in the Candy Corn color with the Saikyo 7/0 offset hook, casts to the same point where I threw, followed by bite. We lift the pike, having weighed both, it pulled by 1.3 kg, mine almost reached 2.5 kg.

Max and Misha are already coming to us and they are also raising us on the pike. Max 2 kg exactly, Misha is the same as me, almost 2.5 kg. On this exit ended.


They decided to return to the first pond, but in the end they did not find free places where to look for toothy.

Misha goes about his business, and the three of us return to the third pond and wait for a lunch exit. As a result, I have 5 more bites, Andrei has the same number of bites, and Max raises two more movie tails.

The results. We rested very well, we caught a fish. Pike took exits lasting 20-25 minutes for a couple of hours of silence. Worked best bait 12 cm more in natural colors. Bright tones were also of interest, but they were inferior in performance. Lame implementation.


Spinning – Maximus Gravity 27M

Coil – Black Side Riot 4000FD

Braid – Power Phantom Raptor 1.5 PE


Luremax Slim Shad 12 cm color Candy Corn

Luremax Slim Shad 12 cm color Chile Loch

Luremax Paragon CV 78


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