May crucian carp. Features of spawning fishing

May crucian carp. Features of spawning fishingCarassius is undoubtedly the most May fish, at least in the entire middle lane. And the point is not that other fish are not caught – it just lives in almost all the ponds and streams near the villages and country cooperatives, and for many townspeople May is the most suburban month. Crucian is good for everyone: unpretentious, prolific and excellent taste. One thing is bad: often, especially in the spring, he is very picky regarding nozzles. Therefore, going in May to pick up crucian carp, one must take both animal nozzles – worms, maggots, bloodworms, and vegetable ones – white bread, semolina, barley, and hercules. In this case, the fishing rod will have to be equipped with the most sensitive float, and behave quietly during fishing.

Seat selection

Crucian fish is thermophilic, so in the pond you need to look for a place where the water warmed up as much as possible. Even a quarter degree difference is enough to have a lot of crucian carp in one part of the reservoir, and not at all in the other. And the point is not only that all the life processes of this heat-loving fish depend on the water temperature. Just where it is warmer, there are more different zooplankton, and while there are few fresh shoots of water plants, crucian carp feeds mainly on animal food. In general, it is better to catch on the north side of the reservoir: it is more illuminated, which means it warms up more. Of course, it is inconvenient to monitor the float against the sun, but good polarizing glasses will help to consider the thin antenna of the sensitive float.

In general, it is better to catch in an uncomfortable place than to get comfortable, but see only rare bites. If the sun is shining, the north wind is blowing warmly and in the back, it is convenient to throw it, but most likely we will not catch fish: the wind will drive the entire upper heated layer of water to the south side of the reservoir. Therefore, with the north wind, you have to choose the south coast and sit with your back to the sun, and throw it against the wind. At the beginning of summer, when the water warms up enough, the choice of the coast will not be critical, but in May the sun and wind should be given maximum attention. In any case, it is better to catch in the shallow part of the reservoir with rare aquatic plants. Water here is less mixed by the wind and warms up better.

Fishing in the windows

Catching in the windows among aquatic vegetation is more difficult than in the open. Let’s say we have a 40 by 40 cm window and a depth of 70-80 cm in it. Throwing a float tackle through the window is quite difficult: either the float or the hook fall onto the grass. It is not always possible to approach such a distance in order to lower the equipment vertically. In this case, we change the usual float to a sliding one and set the desired descent with the stopper position on the fishing line. In such a snap, the distance from the hook to the float is reduced, the sinker will have to be lowered lower, and the float should lower to them. After casting, when all the equipment gets into the window, the rod moves forward and the sinkers pull the line through the float to the stopper. Even if the fishing rods are flywheel, that is, under a blind snap, one should be equipped with a sliding float. If you try to catch in the windows with a dull snap, the hooks for the grass immediately begin, and after pulling it out fishing in this place ends.

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Side nod

The first jerks of the crucian carp after cutting are very powerful, therefore, to use the thinnest fishing lines on a fishing rod with a lateral nod, it is worth fishing with a rod with rings and a small inertialess reel. Nozzles are used the same as in float fishing. Some anglers have difficulty attaching a side nod to a fishing rod with rings. The simplest option, which does not require the manufacture of special nods, is this. We take a piece of copper wire 25 mm long and 1.5-2 mm in diameter. Flatten one end with a hammer, round off the other with a file. After that, we bend the wire so that it can be tightly laid on the tulip, and we fasten it by making a winding from an old wicker or fishing line. The wire should protrude 10-15 mm behind the tulip. The winding can be coated with glue or varnish. Fishing on a side nod with a fishing rod with rings gives the advantage that in the process of fishing it does not need to be constantly folded – you can extend or shorten the fishing line with a reel. Often even in small ponds bites of large crucian carp, a decent tench or carp happen, and it is very difficult to take them on a short fishing line, so reel tackle gives more chances for successful survival.

Bait and baits

In spring, it is advisable to add maggot and finely chopped worm to the bait. However, in the sun, bait with a chopped worm spoils in 2-3 hours. Therefore, the prepared mixture is best used immediately, feeding several places. Abundant bait in the spring is not needed: the fish is not ready for this yet. It is not necessary to use purchased bait, you can do with ordinary breadcrumbs. They absorb liquid from cut worms well, thus increasing the amount of bait with a smell. Choosing a nozzle, you often have to try the entire menu. Crucian carp can be pecked at the worm and maggot, with a weight of 300-400 g. At the same time, the largest ones are often taken only on bloodworms. It’s not worth carrying an armful of fishing rods for fishing on different baits, it is better to use one and change the baits. The methods of feeding the bait are also important. Sometimes you have to lengthen the leash so that the nozzle drops longer. Crucian respects silence, just like carp and tench, and the larger the fish, the quieter you need to behave on the shore.

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Miracle Flavors

In many reservoirs, all kinds of aromatic additives are very effective. There are simply paradoxical situations. One happened a few years ago near Samara, when friends invited me to catch crucian carp. I made the dough, divided into two parts and added vanilla to one and a few drops of valerian to the other. True, the local comrade said that this does not work for them: crucian carp takes only to pancake. The pond turned out to be shallow, silty. Even standing in the water in the swamps, they had to fish at a depth of only 35 cm. They were fed with the simplest bait. Test cast – crucian pecked at 300 g. Then more and more. I had to get out of the water to take the rack for the cage and shove everything you need into your pockets. While stuffing, I discovered a second piece of dough, with valerian. At once he caught a crucian, but not white, but gold, or red, 200 grams. The partner looked and said that they did not have this fish!

Again he planted the dough with valerian – and again goldfish. Other local fishermen came up. I say that I am ready to argue to catch either gold or silver. The people arrived with barbecue and was heated. And it began. Catch the three whites! I climb into my left pocket, put in the dough with vanilla – I catch three white ones. Catch Two Golds! I climb into the right one, I plant it with a valerian – I catch two red ones. One pond, a very similar fish, the dough is made in one circle, and only the flavors are different. Why he took gold for valerian and white for vanilla, it is completely incomprehensible, but at that time not a single crucian pecked not at his own nozzle. However, I was not able to repeat this experiment in other reservoirs. The choice of baits for carp is often inexplicable and unpredictable, so you have to constantly experiment.

Halfway fishing

In the afternoon, when the water warms up, crucian carp sometimes stands at the very surface and takes only halfway. In this case, you have to use a loaded float and place a leash of 40-50 cm. The position of the float in the water does not matter much, it can even lie, but the less noticeable it is for the fish, the better. As a nozzle, a crust of white bread or one maggot is often best served. Usually bites occur when, after casting, the nozzle begins to sink slowly. In such fishing, in fact, there are some difficulties in sight. You cannot hold crucian carp at the surface or in the underwater, because it rises up not to eat, but to warm up. Nevertheless, the nozzle still takes.

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It can be seen from the high shore in polarizing glasses how a flock of crucian carp stands near the surface and hardly moves. Looking at the surface, you can catch one or two crucians, then the flock is frightened, but returns in 20-30 minutes. In order not to wait for the return of the flock, it is worth immediately determining the places of the crucian exit and catching them in turn. Since exit points are rarely located near the shore, fishing rods with a reel, match rods or Bologna rods are more suitable for fishing, allowing casting at least 30-40 m. According to my observations, crucian carp are best taken on bloodworms in this case. And after each bite, you have to plant fresh.

Country fishing

If there is a pond near your dacha, then you can go to it several times a day. The first exit can be without gear, but with bait to feed a suitable window. In the spring, while the water is cold, large fish are often hammered into reeds, and it is impossible to lure it into clean water. If the window could not be found, it is necessary to make it: it should be the size of a maximum of a meter per meter and with a clean bottom. I often did this in bodies of water, where there was a lot of large crucian carp and tench, but all the fish stood in the reeds. I had to climb into the water and tear out the grass, then feed the place and leave: fishing began only the next day. It is better to immediately prepare and feed several such places.

In the reeds, the fish usually keeps up to spawning. So reed fishing is purely May, pre-spawning. However, when spawning begins, it can be difficult to say. This can happen at the end of the month, or maybe even in June – it all depends on the temperature of the water. Gambling and fun catching spring crucian carp continues to spawn. How long it will last this year is extremely difficult to predict. Judging by the next cooling, there is time before the end of May.