Maximus Spinning Review

Maximus Spinning ReviewIn this article, I would not like to talk about specific lines of spinning rods and not about any narrowly targeted models. Here we will talk about my understanding of spinning from the point of view of an ordinary fisherman and how I put together a set of spinning rods that maximally cover various fishing conditions. Of course, I understand that there are no identical conditions, but the general trend is being traced, therefore I will describe my personal example without claiming the ultimate truth. Of course, for me, like for many, the story of the acquisition of the first set began with the advice of a senior comrade. But quickly the understanding came that it was not that and it needed a different tackle for specific conditions. And the more I developed in spinning fishing, the better I understood what gear I should use under what conditions and fishing methods.

But at one point, I realized that it could last forever and it was time to slow down. Over time, I took the direction of jigging, but other methods had to be applied depending on the situation. So I decided to pick up several spinning rods for all occasions. Focusing on value for money, I opted for the MAXIMUS brand.

Maximus Egoist LE

The first acquisition is the MAXIMUS Egoist LE (Limited Edition) with a test of 2-10 g and a height of 2.28 m. Spinning is aesthetically performed at the highest level! Color “chameleon”, spaced handle from the cork, FUJI reel seat made using the Super Sensitive System, which gives a great sense of the entire gear, the rings are also FUJI with SIC inserts. At that time, this spinning was necessary for me mainly for working with baits in the region of 6-10 gr. He suited well for a jig with these weights, but he also worked confidently with other lures, such as spinners and wobblers. I liked the “wand” at work. I usually took it as an extra one, in case there was a total absence of biting pike perch, when I had to switch to perch and where more delicate tackle was needed.

Egoist also helped me when fishing near Volsk on the Volga. There in the evening, with a strong current, the herring comes out to feed. Locals catch her on powerful spinning rods with casters and flies above the heavy bait. And I enjoyed it a lot using a lighter tackle with a trout of 5 grams weight. The fish has very weak lips, and the spinning steadily worked out the impudent resistance of herring, giving no chance of retreat. On rapids and rolls with its help, both asp over kg and chubs were successfully caught! He also helped me several times when hiking in small rivers. In general, we can say that this is a universal “stick” with the confident work of baits from 4 to 10 grams – I would not advise overloading it.

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Maximus Black Widow

My next purchase from the Maximus brand is spinning with a maximum bias towards the jig and with an increase in the MAXIMUS Black Widow test with a test up to 18 grams and a length of 2.6 m. Spinning, I want to tell you, is powerful. The lower test, of course, is relative, but on the top, the “wand” works “with a bang”, and even a significant overload does not matter to her. There was a moment when I had to suddenly change from a jig to catch a striking asp, which I did not allow close to me. I put the asp lure spinner 26 gr and gently cast, but did not get it. I make a whiter cast – and the bait lies in the place of the fish’s battle; the bite was not long in coming! The asp is small, but we are talking about the possibility of a “stick” to throw a larger load than stated. And I don’t complain about the power during the game either: zander up to 5 kg was successfully pumped from the depths and parked in the landing net. And due to the length of the spinning, we have a decent casting distance, which is good not only when fishing from the shore, but also from a boat.

I mainly catch on the Uglich Reservoir, and there, after the dredger was working, a very rugged terrain remained, which implies multiple movement in a small water area. And here a long spinning helps save time and effort due to long casting. The Black Widow handle is solid, made of EVA, which is not very suitable for working with wobblers, especially twitching, but although this is not his thing, you can drive the wobblers for a short time if necessary. In my opinion, Black Widow spinning is universal, but the main and main direction of its application is jig! And somehow it dawned on me: whether or not to return to fishing with multiplier gear …

And in the line of Black Widow there is an interesting stick for the cartoon. Although for the first time I did not have a relationship with the cartoon, I decided and purchased a Maximus Black Widow in a casting performance of 2.7 m long and a test of 10-40 gr, which implies working with heavier lures. And so it happened. Of course, at first I trained with casts, not everything worked out, but I got used to it. Casting was no worse than with a meat grinder. Everything in the same Volsk had to catch 40-45 grams at a decent depth in a strong current, and spinning easily worked with these loads. Well, the most comfortable work is with loads in the region of 28 grams with baits 4-6.

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I had a fishing case of a revived hook! I think many have come across this. So, this hook turned out to be a big catfish, with which I spent 40 minutes pulling a rather thick wattle fence on the verge of breaking the rod! As a result, the catfish milled “fluor” with a diameter of 0.4 mm and safely went into its pit. And spinning surprised me with its power characteristics! Another noteworthy moment was on the Volga, or rather, on the river flowing into the Volga. At the exit there was a decent spill with water lilies, and bursts from attacks of pike were periodically heard in them. I took a rubber frog 8 grams, adjusted the cartoon … Of course, with such a bait casting short-range, but it is not needed there, but the pike tore from the water lilies “with a bang.” The spinning power was enough with a margin.

It should be noted that this series is made of high quality materials and is equipped with modern fittings. The form is made of high-modulus IMSE graphite, high-quality Kigan Zirconia rings are installed, arranged according to the modern 3D Guide System concept using the Mini Guide System micro-rings, the classic FUJI reel seat and a handle made of “warm” neoprene. I think this is an ideal option for both a beginner and an experienced spinning player who does not chase the constant purchase of new products from the fishing market, but prefers reliable modern gear. This year I want to purchase another spinning rod from this series in a 2.4 m sprout and with a test of 15-55 gr, which will completely cover all my fishing needs and conditions, and I will feel confident in any fishing situations.

Maximus Neon Midori

Well, now, as they say, from extreme to extreme! Of course, it would be more correct to describe the gear according to the principle “from the smallest test to the maximum”, but in this article I want to observe the chronology of events. It’s easier to understand that it’s not necessary to adhere to any rules – everything was acquired by necessity or by a fit of soul. So it happened with the “stick” MAXIMUS Neon Midori 602XUL, 1.83 m long and a test of 0.8-4 g. Honestly, the color of the spinning bribed me! And I bought his beloved wife. She shares my passion for fishing and she enjoys going out with me to nature. She also loves catching a pond trout. Here for this purpose this blue whip was acquired. Yes, it is the whip – so thin and gentle it looks. But this is only at first glance. The “wand” works at the highest level, giving no chance to get off either a two-hundred-gram pestlochka or a seasoned two-kilogram cannabis beast! And the wife’s emotions while fighting are the most fair assessment for Neon Midori!

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Maximus Neon Midori Spinning is made from high modulus NANO fibers. The rod was assembled using innovative fittings: the ultra-light and productive Korea T-Zirconia Slim Ring in an ultra-light frame with an ultra-thin zirconia insert, an ergonomic “skeleton” TVS reel seat from FUJI. Thanks to the combination of NANO fibers, these rings and Super Sensitive System and Mini Guide System technologies, we were able to create an unusually light spinning with incredible sensitivity and a serious power reserve. An optimally flexible and flexible blank allows you to play fish as productively as possible, minimizing the possibility of gathering or breaking fishing line. And all this is made in a unique style! But the use of this spinning is not only in catching pond trout, it is also great for microjigging, and walking along small rivers in search of a chub is not contraindicated.

That, in principle, is all that I wanted to state at the moment. Of course, it’s still impossible to stand still – I want to change and supplement something. But for myself, I decided to purchase another spinning up to 55 gr and forget about acquiring new ones for three years. At least this set of rods will meet all the criteria for my fishing needs.