Maximus Integro first impression.

Finishing the season of feeder fishing, and it was very eventful unlike last year, I want to summarize the use of my new rod in the collection from Maximus. New for 2020 Maximus Integro, I have a model with a length of 390 and a test up to 120 grams. Integro has a very wide range of sizes from 240 to 420 cm and dough from 10 to 180 g, which allows you to cover all fishing conditions. The rod positions itself as a budget one, which means that it is available to many, especially to those who only want to master the basics of this fishing direction.

Usually in my stories I never focus on the rod cover, but I would like to make an exception, it is made of very high quality, the material is quite strong and resistant to external influences, and the color is worse in valuable feeder rods 3-4 times higher.

With a “soft” quivertip, I caught 40-50 grams on the feeders using only bulk feed without any kind of cereals. With the use of feeders of greater weight, overload is felt, you can, of course, catch, but I do not advise. The bites of roach and silver bream were clearly fixed by the quivertip, while the lively fish brought a lot of pleasure while playing.

Roach and other fish up to 300 grams are certainly good, but I wanted to try the brand new Maximus Integro on a larger fish, so I was planning to visit our favorite meadow on the Kama River.

Let me remind you that the upper test up to 120 grams is quite enough for rivers with moderate currents, but for more difficult conditions there is a feeder up to 180 grams, I have already told you about it.

The test is very true, not overstated or underestimated as often happens. Feeder large feed capacity 80 grams or 100 gram classic bullet – the very top.

On the river, of course, I was waiting for a carp and a large bream, I really wanted to test the feeder on a trophy fish. And as often happens, the largest fish bite at the most inopportune moment. While I was circling cooking the soup, the carp practically threw the rod off the rack and, having cut off the leash, swam into the depths.

The guys and I put the crawler on the spot, but most of all I appreciated the work of the Maximus Integro rod on a large fishing line, until the very last moment I thought it was a small carp.

Despite the fact that enough fish were caught with the feeder during the season, I had the impression that I did not fully disclose all the advantages of Integro, so today without results, it will be continued, Bye everyone!

Amanda K. Benson

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