Maximus EGOIST-LE 762L review

Greetings colleagues! I continue to share my impressions of the udish tested this season.

Next in line is a station wagon of a fairly high class.


The design of this rod is simply beyond praise. This is the most beautiful color of the “chameleon” blank, and an elegant delicate handle, and Japanese accessories, in general, everything is at the highest level. I have no complaints both in appearance and in aesthetics. Although, I realize that, perhaps, someone will not go. Therefore, I am writing this review.


The rings on this rod are fuji, cr-series. Classic. Lightweight, anti-lapping, comfortable. There is nothing to even talk about. But the handle … Here I will say this – it is not for everybody. No, I got it, this is not my first fishing rod with such a handle, so I knew what I was going for, but, for everyone else, I would suggest to be more careful. If in doubt, take a socket with a skeleton)


Now, the fun part. The blank of this rod on shocks may seem deaf and liquid, a kind of dazzled tool without pretensions to anything. And this is where the main mistake will be, because the rod opens up to its full on the water. Due to its liveliness, this rod is very good at bullets. So much so that sometimes, I got fish from those places where other sticks could not be thrown even with large weights. And yet, in spite of the stated test of two grams, I managed to catch quite comfortably at 1.5, and on the verge of even using jigs weighing 0.9 and 1.1 grams. Moreover, not only to conduct, but also, most importantly, to abandon. And also, this rod, as it seemed to me, will go very well for the thugs! Rolls, lures, even cockroach. Everything obeys him!

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With this parameter, the rod is not only all right, but simply at its best! Are there often fishing rods in the light / ultralight test that can surprise you with sensitivity both in the hand and visually? And it can. Any touch – in the hand, any bite – in the hand and visually! Moreover, all this is true even with a slight wind. And this is already expensive. In general, this rod lives quietly in the wind. Although, on shocks, I would say that his horn should be twisted by the wind into the mutton’s horn. But no, the form works out adequately, and even knocks. The beauty.

Work on fish

Based on the test, it becomes clear that the rod has a fairly pronounced perch orientation, however, and I managed to catch quite a few pikes on it. So far, no trophies, but the pole-and-half rod confidently snapped and pulled ashore. On a 0.4m cord. In general, I noticed that this rod has very high shock-absorbing properties. “Bends, plays, cushions, but does not fall!” At first, it even seemed to me that the friction of my luvias was sticking, because, on other rods, at that moment it was already cracking at all, then it just started to crackle, squeal, without going into a long trill. But no, all this was due to the rod blank. That is, even with a sufficiently tightened friction, the rod’s work is so soft that the abutting perch cannot turn its lip with the aim of subsequent escape. But the butt has a margin of safety, and is quite capable of winding off even a decent size of a predator. In general, a very versatile tool turned out



The rod is just excellent at handling a variety of lures at the limit of its test. Works great with spinners, jig. It will not fail on wobblers up to 75x for sure. Works gorgeous with rolls. The rod is very nice, beautiful, and most importantly, it can surprise and give emotions that are not available with every spinning rod. It seems to me that it is perfect for fishing for chub, trout, perch, not large pike, medium-sized asp, perhaps grayling and lenok. A rod not for trophies, but for fun!

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