Hello. I have long wanted to write this review, but there wasn’t enough time for everything. This review will focus on one of the new products from LureMax. This year, the company introduced a new product called STONE FLY, which comes in two sizes, 1.5 and 2.5 inches, corresponding to 45 and 65 mm. In fact, this is an imitation of the water insect larva Vesnianka. I think everyone knows that spring grass is one of the main elements of the food supply of both predators and some species of peaceful fish, especially in late spring and early summer.

Reviews: LureMax STONE FLY

Description of the bait.

In front there are two small antennae, the head part visually resembles the head of a dragonfly. On the body of the bait there are a series of legs located in one line, three on each side and are diverse. Two, look forward, in the direction of movement and one back, in the direction of the tail of the bait. This arrangement not only gives a more natural appearance, but also additional vibration in the water. Also, these legs are located at different angles in relation to the body of the bait. Why, in order to create a more realistic behavior of the bait in the water. The rest of the bait, from the legs, the body of the bait has a wavy shape, which gradually decreases in diameter. Throughout the body, from the legs and almost to the end of the body of the bait, there are also some short antennae, which are also located in the same line. At the end, the bait has two relatively short and thin ponytails that create additional vibration when moving.

Reviews: LureMax STONE FLY

The bait is passive, that is, it does not have its own game. Its main purpose is to catch a small predator with ultra light weights. The entire game of the bait is set exclusively by the fisherman himself, with the help of the top of the spinning rod, that is, animation.

The important point is that the bait is floating. There is no salt in the composition of silicone. This factor gives us a better chance of catching fish. The bait begins to sink in us after a long fishing time, since floating silicone tends to absorb water gradually. But just as it absorbs water, it also absorbs the attractant when stored in a closed pack. This is certainly a huge plus.

Reviews: LureMax STONE FLY

Practice application.

LureMax STONE FLY fishing for the most part took place on our Voronezh Sea (Voronezh Reservoir). Initially, I got this bait in two colors, in engine oil No. 003 and caramel oil No. 004 and in the amount of 1.5 inches. In my case, it was primarily catching perch. On the first fishing trip, I deliberately ran into one bait and actively searched for the ubiquitous striped robber. Even on my first fishing trip, I noticed that in color 004, the bait worked much better than many of my friends, friends, and even nearby lovers of spinning fishing.

Perch attacked the bait much more often and harder than active baits. Soon I realized that this bait should be used relatively lightweight. Weights from 0.75 g to 2 g brought the best results in combination with this bait.

Soon, I decided to try the bait under pressure. I get out to the beach. On the one hand there are many vacationers, jet skis and boats are constantly floating, noise, so the predator should be more careful. The STONE FLY bait catches not only perch, but also medium-sized zander, in spite of the factors listed above. Despite its size, when the bait was properly fed, there were fishing where the zander exceeded the number of perch.

Soon I get the bait in the second size of 2.5 inches. The activity of the perch was clearly several times worse than at the beginning of summer. The perch departed from the shore during the day, came up in the evenings and actively ate. Larger baits often brought larger perches.

Equipment and wiring.

You can equip with different hooks. I a priori refused to catch perch offsets and 99% use open, single sticks. Practically, I came to the conclusion that two main hooks are best suited for bait, this is Owner MH-12 in the size of No. 10 and No. 8 for 1.5 inches and No. 8 and No. 6 for 2.5 inches. Second hooks Decoy Single 32 No. 10 with bait 1.5 inches. I didn’t have other sizes; therefore, it was not possible to put into practice. I also used this bait with S-59 and other manufacturers, but there were a large number of gatherings, especially with careful bites.

The main installation was articulated, less often jig-rig. As I wrote above, the main weights are tungsten collapsible cheburashka up to 2 g, in the jig rig I used 3 and 4 g of lead, what was available and needed a longer cast.

The wiring is not entirely monotonous. During fishing in places with a depth of 2 meters, most often used pelagic posting in the water column, but this is if there was vegetation at the bottom. In places with a shell and a hard bottom, I wait for the bottom to touch and make a toss, and immediately begin to conduct again pelagic wiring. In places with a depth of 2 m, I used classic single throws, less commonly the so-called torn wires and even less often the slowest drawing.


The LureMax STONE FLY bait for me became the main in the summer period of fishing for nano-firing. Most often, she completely did fishing, helped out in difficult conditions. Of course, in terms of competition, this bait is prohibited, but in all other cases I have it in the first place among all the baits that I have. And then she will remain at my number one in my camping box. I can safely recommend it not only as an excellent search engine, but also as one of the main lures.

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