LUREMAX STINKER is the best worm of 2020

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

Last fall I got my hands on a very interesting series of specialized trout rubber called LUREMAX STINKER. I periodically follow what appears under the LUREMAX brand, and if a new product is interesting to me, then it will certainly be in my arsenal. Since lately I have become very addicted to trout fishing on the paysite, I was interested in almost everything that comes out in the trout theme under the LUREMAX brand.

You ask, why do I like LUREMAX so much? The answer will be extremely commonplace – good quality for a reasonable price. I would even say that some positions cost symbolic money, for example, one of my favorite “rubber bands” for “caulk” Esmeralda costs around 150 rubles. The new STINKER cost me only 136 rubles. I immediately took four different colors for myself, guided by the fact that a specific color will work in different lighting conditions, plus four colors open up a large field for experiments.

What colors did I choose? I used basic white and black, also pink and acid. Looking ahead, I will say that black, to my surprise, did not work as I expected: the trout reacted to it extremely rarely, but pink, white and acidic were in favor.

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

So what is STINKER lure? In this review, I will try to describe in as much detail as possible the features of this bait and how to use it.

So, STINKER is a segmented worm, constantly tapering towards the tail. Conventionally, the bait can be divided into 3 parts: the head part, which is not so large and rather dense, the central ribbed part, while the ribs are quite deep, which increases the mobility of the bait in the water, and the tail part, which has shallow ribs.

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It should be noted that the plastic from which STINKER is made is very soft and elastic. It can withstand a lot of retrofitting and bites. One bait can catch up to ten lively trout. As a rule, STINKER “dies” in the case when you constantly have to lift it up the forearm after biting or playing, in rare cases – the tail comes off. The plastic from which STINKER is made is so elastic that you can pull the tail with effort and the bait will not break, but will only stretch strongly and then take its original shape.

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

With this lure, I used only one equipment option – a standard trout jig head. One of the main features of STINKER is its high weight with a relatively small size. The length of the worm is 5 centimeters, I cannot say exactly how much the worm weighs, but approximately in the region of 1.5 or 2 grams. This feature allows you to use this bait without additional loading at the moment when the trout is in the surface layer. It is enough to equip the lure with a regular hook, but I often used STINKER with heads weighing 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 grams.

Reviews: LUREMAX STINKER Best Worm of 2020

At the moment of falling, the worm trembles with its tail, and the slightest jerk makes the whole bait shudder. I really liked animating STINKER with short jerks and pulls with very long pauses. Since in late autumn I was catching active, but highly selective trout, which was not ready to chase fast moving bait, the slow retrieve with short smooth jerks was out of competition.

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I would also like to note that STINKER in Chartreuse, White and other x-colors glows in the dark, which is an additional attractive element for trout.

At the end of February, I plan to visit an interesting reservoir with pond trout. And now I know for sure that STINKER will definitely be in my working box!

Thanks for attention! Best regards, Nikolai Lebedev.