Luhr Jensen oscillating spinners. Part 1

Luhr Jensen oscillating spinners. Part 1Luhr Jensen sells selected fishing gear and accessories from around the world for American anglers. We can say about the assortment of the company that, basically, these are elite baits, the most advanced in quality among similar models created at different times. The company gathered the most catchy, in her opinion, time-tested spinners and called them legends. Each of them has its own biography and a unique style of play. The entire subsequent history of fishing, naturally based on practical results, clearly proves that this is true. Therefore, the authors of the book pay special attention to the lures of Luhr Jensen, considering them to be almost a standard of catchability.

Spinner Super Duper

The history of the bait is very complicated and confusing. According to one version, the spinner of such an unusual configuration was first invented by a Russian fisherman in the distant pre-perestroika times and described in one of the fishing magazines (author's opinion). The name in the original sounded like "Super Duper." So in spite of the foreign firms called almost all the unusual bait made by artisanal method. There was another, more accurate name for the spoon-bait – “tuning fork”. Naturally, a simple Soviet fisherman from the banks of the Volga could not patent a catchy and original bait. A similar thought could not even have crossed his mind. And, of course, others did it. According to the official spinner Super Duper (the pride of American anglers) is developed and implemented in the United States.

The Luhr Jensen company has carefully modified the unprepossessing-looking bait, releasing it in several weight variants for various fishing conditions, including ultra-fast flow. The principle of operation of the spinner is based on the fact that when wiring of different intensities, and in some cases only under the influence of the current, thin metal surfaces, due to the resistance of water flows, begin to vibrate and touch each other, making sounds of different frequencies. The task of the fisherman is to pick up the sound of the “tuning fork” spinner, which attracts potential fishing objects. We will never know exactly which key, or maybe the cacophony of sounds, attracts catfish, pike or perch. One can only guess about this. Although the spinner is not required.

It is not so important what kind of sound source imitates a tuning fork. These can be low or high frequencies, similar to those published by schools of fodder fish. Or maybe these are just signals – irritants provoking a predator to a grip. Properly managing the bait, the fisherman is able to stably catch various fish that live in the pond. It should be noted that when fishing in calm water from the bottom or at the seam, the nature of the movement, and therefore the sound of the bait, should be different.

Spinner Krocodile

Krocodile Spinner is unique in every way:
– it is perfectly thrown;
– Stably plays at various speeds;
– during a pause in the wiring, it imitates a backed fish.

If you greatly strain your imagination, then during free flowing with the flow, according to American spinningists, you can find some similarities with the creature in whose honor it is named – the same elongated chased body and natural vibrations during a smooth run, not even alarming small things that are dreamed around . It can be assumed that the spinner creeps up to the fish. But obviously the main thing that makes the spinner related to the mentioned animal is cunning and death grip, with which they ultimately deal with prey. The shape and weight proportions of the baubles are so balanced that, as they say, do not add – do not decrease, and that is gratifying – and do not forge 100%. The bait spoon is so good and attractive for fish that it provokes any fish encountered in its path. In principle, to be guaranteed with a catch, you must have a minimal set of Krocodile spinners of different sizes and weights.

Spinner Krocodile is also a champion in this component, as there are fifteen variants of spinners designed for a wide variety of fishing conditions in the weight range from 4.6 g to 196. What is surprising, in all weight categories the spinner is a kind of leader in the number of grapples among similar bait. Someone enthusiastically speaks of the bait as a specialized salmon with all the subtleties of posting in turbulent rivers, someone as an irreplaceable trolling lure for catching marlin in ocean waters. But the general opinion is that without a lure Krocodile in rivers with a middle course, the angler has nothing to do. I can say with confidence that the pikeperch, pike and perch are delighted with the game of this spinner.

An impressive range of colors has been developed for Krocodile spinners, but for rivers in central Russia I would recommend two colors: white and yellow (brass or chrome without an enamel coating and preferably with a slightly corrugated surface, under the scales). Without going into details of the bend, shape and weight (the main components of the spinners), we can assume that the prototype of the Krocodile spinners was the Swedish and Norwegian oscillators of the late XIX – early XX centuries. Here one thing is clear that the path to creating a very catchy spinner was very difficult. Luhr Jensen Krocodile forgeries are extremely rare and look very unrespectable against the background of the original. Under the same name and with similar forms in Europe and Asia, a number of spinners are produced that fish are not caught as stable as the original, but are caught. And in terms of price and quality, they look attractive.

Spinner Loko

The author-developer of the bait is multiple US spinning champion Glen L. Evans. Of all the catch baits intended for catching pike and pike perch, Loko baubles, which translates as “unpredictable,” stands out sharply with its unique and unconventional game. This spinner at a constant speed of rotation of the coil, after a series of ordinary monotonously oscillatory movements inherent in baits of this type, completely unexpectedly accelerates and changes the nature of the oscillations. During such a “failure” in a game that obviously imitates a fish that exploded from its last strength, pikeperch and pike attack it fiercely. Loko has earned the same high-profile fame in her homeland as our Pavlovian “foam rubber”. Both are extremely catchy and are not always allowed in fishing competitions. The insufficient halo of popularity and distribution of spinners is due to strict monitoring of the copyright monopoly on its manufacture and sale. The spoon-bait is multifunctional, but to interchange the tee and in another place to fix it to the fishing line, no matter how tempting it is, is unacceptable. The game from this will only get worse.

Spinner Coyote

Heavy, multi-speed spinner with extra long casting capability. In the USA, Canada and Sweden, its main purpose: sea fishing from the shore and fishing in salmon stormy rivers, mainly salmon. In our waters – an indispensable bait for catching extra-large asp in rivers and ponds with large water areas. Where the aspherical Kastmaster asp is impossible to get or the careful sheresper has stopped paying attention to it, the Coyote spinner enters the fray. Applicable to our fishing conditions, a single hook changes to a tee with a red fur brush. Despite the extensive range of colors proposed by the company, three options are suitable for asp:
– white with a surface under the scales;
– white with black (the border runs along the longitudinal side);
– a combination of three colors white-red-blue.

Spinner Original Reflecto Spoon

The lure’s originality lies in the fact that its game reaches its greatest effect not with horizontal wiring, but with vertical during free fall, in which the bait finely shakes (vibrates) and always falls horizontally (a feature of the center of gravity), preventing numerous hooks and remaining attractive until it falls to the bottom. Fishing tactics boil down to bringing the lure to the place of interest to the fisherman (snag, low elevation of a limited area, narrow edge, the space between grassy islands) and stop the hitching. On a spinner weighing more than 10 g, a hooped fish or silicone imitation is put on a hook, after which the spinner goes into the category of unhooked. In this case, the bottom bait is also effective, including in shallow areas overgrown with aquatic vegetation. Spoon-bait is not replaceable when fishing from ice, many know about it only as a proven winter bait.

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