I must admit honestly: A few days before this trip, I was already at this location, and to my great surprise, I could not catch a single tail. For obvious reasons, the desire to rehabilitate even in his own eyes, arose almost immediately after analyzing any mistakes made during the last fishing trip. Probably for this reason, I didn’t even begin to understand the backpack with baits: the only thing that required replacement was a spinning kit, since even though I was aiming at a perch with a pike perch, I still kept the cherished sherper in my mind, but for such ideas definitely need more universal rod.

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?


Having sacrificed for the night before the work shift, we almost blindly set off. The thing is that the road leading through the forest had many branches, and I must admit that from not knowing the right road, we missed a little and stopped 800 meters from what I thought was the right point. Short-term fees, as a search engine, I determine the jig rig and “cockroach” from Lucky John, and begin to explore the water area. "Well, how?" – I ask the fishermen with a thrower – "What was caught?". In response, complete indignation: "Just look at how much water is gone!". And indeed: During the night, on the coastline, the level fell in length, probably about 10 meters, thereby exposing more detailed opportunities for fishing to spinningists. Well, and how not to take such a pleasant surprise?

Below, 3-5 meters from the water's edge, a line of underwater vegetation began, stretching along the entire coast, and having a small width, made it possible to study the bottom in more detail. Behind the grass, there began a smooth clay descent, where, at the very ejection of the bait, on a vskidku, the depth was already 9-10 meters, which is quite solid for coastal fishing, but … In the first pass, after a few casts it was quite clear that most likely simply no predator. Figuratively, he didn’t have a place to hide – the water level was too low, most likely he drove the local fish to a depth that could be found only by feeling for any underwater obstacles. So, persistently continue to search!

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?

Replacing the complete equipment with a classic jig, I changed the bait: Keitech's smart tail game Mad Wag Slim, I was simply obliged to enjoy even a striped robber, and to be honest after a certain time, I sincerely relied on at least catching it. And the closer we came to a kind of exit from the bay, the more clearly there was a slight “discrepancy”, which tried to make adjustments to the final result of the trip: Let the perch be found with the first rays of the sun, which did not notice the schooling activity in the upper layers of water, it was simply impossible, but what kind of a jig could we talk about? It is necessary either to finally shift to the bay, or to change something! Without hesitation, my partner and I came to a common denominator: not to investigate the exit from the gulf would be just a crime, and went to it.


And the first thing that immediately caught my eye: a gentle relief, changed into a pronounced curb with a change in depth from one meter to 5-6. The edge itself, at an angle of 45 degrees, went to the side of the depth, and made it possible not only to approach it as close as possible, but also to process it in more detail, a meter from the drop, the same line of grass continued, thus making the place almost ideal for the parking of an active predator – it means there and you will need to stay! Only here: What to put? Having chosen the “diversion leash”, he chose a small bright Tioga from LJ as a bait, thereby averaging the size that is ideal for both perch and fangy, the hope for which has completely melted away – well, what if?

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?

Experimenting with the wiring, I discovered a more comfortable one for myself, after which the first bite finally happened: rather sharp two turns of the coil, bordered with pauses of 6-7 seconds, when an unexpected blow brought me to my senses very quickly. The bait, at the bend of the offset hook, was as if cut off with a knife, and a piece of it was actually hanging by a thread. But what was it? I correct the situation and make the following cast: The first two turns, and such a clear and pronounced perch “tuk” is early! Two more turns – there is an effective cutting! The closer the cherished fish approached me under the slight crackling of the friction clutch, the more I realized that this perch is of a very decent size. But, the offensive gathering before the very legs completely spoils the whole fighting spirit – yes, he really sat at the very edge of his lips, and it was unclear how miraculously I dragged him all those 40 meters, but nevertheless, I really wanted to take a cherished photo, which for reasons already voiced, it never took place.

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?

In my upset feelings, I make a few more casts … Not to say what I thought at that time, but absolutely no poklyuvka absolutely no thoughts at all, but nothing! Effective hooking, spinning takes a crescent of the crescent, and the friction clutch is already truly involved in the work – this fish is definitely much larger than the left perch! And … It turned pike! I have to admit that I didn’t catch a toothy from the shore on the Volga for a long time, and even with such luck: How miraculously she caught the “beak” on the side and didn’t cut the diversion – it’s not clear! But, to my great joy, the predator gave me a few photos, unforgettable emotions from vyvazhivaniya on the stick to 14 grams, and of course, went to his native element. Oh, and the truth is that "morning does not begin with coffee"!

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?


But, there was still time left, and I decided to try my luck again: “by-pass” due to understandable coincidence of circumstances, was removed due to good health – for the second time I could hardly be so lucky with successful vyvazhivaniem, and I decided to return to the classical jig on the hinge equipment . The bait, all the same Tioga in the same color, only the size was enlarged to 3.9 inches, and at the very first throw, again at the ejection itself, lightning-fast and sure "hryas", and a very clear understanding of the situation told me that the hook was very not bad "Sarah Abramovna." The storm of adrenaline, which broke into my blood without asking, ended with the successful parking of the largest pike of this day. And after a couple of casts, and one more, only this time, on the contrary, the smallest, the release of which, pretty much amused, causing an outrage among the “fishermen” who watched the process.

Reports from reservoirs: Luck?

Literally 20 minutes, from the time that was left for fishing, I even managed to devote to the cherished asp, but the result was very predictable. And I was already going to work with my thoughts, which still needed to be reached, especially since I was really under unique impressions: I hardly remember that when fishing from shore on Mother Volga, I came across more than one toothy – and then just three, with what a very decent size. Luck? Maybe! Perhaps, there would have been a different level of water, I could not catch it at all, from which the final result more than suited me. And, perhaps, to consolidate the result, we will probably come back here again.

Thank you for your attention! No tail, you, no scales!


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