long-awaited discovery

And here it took place !!! Any fisherman will understand me when, after almost a year of waiting, fishing on Pacific salmon on the rivers of the Kamchatka Territory has reopened. For this, lovers of fishing come to us from all over the immense country. There is something to see here and the person who once visited here will want to come back here again. This is truly a region of fishing opportunities and the most daring undertakings. The untouched nature and majesty of “home volcanoes” leave an indelible positive feeling from the fishing process. The Avacha River with Joy takes all applicants of good luck to feel the bite of strong fish.

Water Reports: Long-Awaited Discovery

Water Reports: Long-Awaited Discovery

Fortunately, progress does not stand still, and today you can purchase a license for fishing directly from your smartphone. X-hour … and the Japanese crossover takes us away from the bustle of the city in the early morning mist. Last night the rain, in the morning gave us a mud trap. Realizing that the fishing began, as if nothing had happened, we inflate the boat, set the motor. We collect spinning rods and, leaving the car, go towards an adventure on the water. The morning air on the river is full of tart freshness and hopes for a good catch. The first casts showed that there would be no light fish and fishing would be labor. Could not approach the implementation of the bite. The arsenal of lures is varied from wobblers and lures to jig and side leash. It is not enough to find a working point and wait for the fish to come, it is necessary to pick up the bait and carry it out correctly … among many places, the choice fell on a stretch of river with a pronounced coastline of one and a half meters. It is along the edge and salmon go on their last journey to give offspring. As it is known, when fish enter freshwater, they stop feeding, but the preserved reflex provokes individuals to bite. The best bait at a strong current and a shallow depth, about one and a half meters, with control of the horizon of the wiring and the trajectory of the feed, is an oscillating lure. Optimally selected weight, provides all kinds of control over the movements of the bait. Not being a fan of stereotypes every fishing experiment with baits. Experiments drive the progress in fishing and sometimes non-standard solutions bring good results. Oscillating spinner from "Hayabusa" almost from the first posting provoked the male chum to bite.

Water Reports: Long-Awaited Discovery

This big and strong fish is a very serious contender and the slightest flaws in tackle or when hauling can lead to fatal consequences. Unsuitable for further use reels and broken spinning is the usual fee careless anglers when catching chum. Posting the baits made over the bottom of the arcuate path with the constant control of the presence of oscillations and the speed of the bait. If everything is done correctly, then a bite will not take long to wait and the severity of life on the other end of the cord will give you unforgettable minutes of drawing out. the bottom in the area of ​​the wiring is littered with stones and the lures touching them, signals the correct horizon of the wiring. It is worth saying that the paint remained intact, in contrast to inexpensive analogues.

Water Reports: Long-Awaited Discovery

Water Reports: Long-Awaited Discovery

Unforgettable minutes of enjoying fishing, unfortunately, are not endless. Arriving at the shore and going to the car, we were offered help in her release from the mud captivity. Once again, I believe and make sure that the world is not without good people. Having closed our licenses for catching chum, we are happy to go home. The discovery took place, and the emotions received from this process are remembered for a lifetime. Oblivion edge, which will not leave anyone indifferent, forever won my heart. I invite you to visit … for seasonal salmon fishing. Write on all issues … See you at the reservoirs. No tail, no scales


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