Live Target Swimbaits. Unboxing, First Impressions and Underwater Films

Hello everyone.

For a long time I have not loosened the local curd with my favorite type of fishing lures. But in the meantime, a new player among realistic swimbaits appeared on the Russian market – the bait of the Live Target company. To begin with, I took 5 not the largest models for myself – 3 of which are made in a non-engaging version, with the possibility of hanging an additional tee, and fully equipped with twins, 20 cm “pike and perch”.

On one of the past fishing trips, I caught a little with all models and filmed with a Waterwolf HD underwater camera. And even the pike attack came into view of the camera.

The casting kit that I used to make traditional casts – Savage Gear MPP2 8’6 “rod with test up to 150 gr. Okuma Komodo SS 364 reel with SG Silencer 8 line – 0.36.

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