Little trick – How to catch a trout

Commercial reservoirs, which have now become quite a few around large cities, are very convenient for those fishermen who can’t travel far to fish and get out on the water only from time to time. On a commercial reservoir, sometimes a few hours are enough to be with a decent catch. However, even on such reservoirs one must know how to fish.

Little trick - How to catch a trout

We arrived at the pond shortly after dawn. The gusty wind drove clouds over the sky, which now and then poured a little rain or a real downpour. But it was a warm day, and any fish, including trout, should have responded to it with good biting. And so it has turned out.

The first peak of daily trout activity begins at dawn and usually lasts for 2-3 hours. At this time it is better to fish with spinning. Catching this tackle is more dynamic and exciting, though sometimes less effective than the float rod.
Almost every fishing trip we use products of the German brand D.A.M..

To begin with, we choose a spinning rod of light class Super Natural Felchen with the test of 2-5 g and a length of 2.1 m, equipped it with a reel Quick A-Head 100. On its spool, as well as on other spools, we wound DAMYL Power Trout System with fluorocarbon coating, 0.22 mm, based on the fact that this line is somewhat stronger than fluorocarbon, and with less stretch and more wear-resistant than conventional monofilament.

The tackle looked quite harmonious. But the choice of bait may surprise you – a spinning troll. It can be very good in warmer water, and in the middle of November to bet on it is risky.

We consistently put one after another small “spinners” of different shapes and colors. Time passed, and there was still no nibble. Meanwhile, the pond was starting to fish – one fisherman after another was catching fish.

There was nothing to do, trout did not want to take ” spinnerets” today.

The next in line were “wobblers”, which worked at once. The bait was golden FZ Slim, 5 cm long and 8 g. Instead of regular tee, it is armed with a double.

Having lost at the beginning of the fishing two favorite “turntables”, we decided to hedge and put a little less hooked. It had no effect on fish hooking.

Almost in a row we managed to catch several trout. Males dominated among them – dark fish with curved jaws.

After bait with double we set the same bait, but with fly on a hook – very often the ruff improves a trout behavior. This time we didn’t get the desired effect, even it seemed that with a bare hook we had more bites. Nevertheless, a troll with a fly was catching fish.

Little trick - How to catch a trout

We took off the catchy “wobbler” and … again put “chopper”. A catch is there and it is worth to find out if the fish won’t bite on this “turntable” today or if it is possible to pick up bait of some form, weight or color, which will be irresistible?

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We always try to thoroughly understand everything. Others would make sure there are fish on the spot, and, having picked up the catchy bait, so they would catch, but it’s not for us.

Suddenly it started to rain heavily for November. We didn’t pay any attention to it at first, but then we decided to put on our waterproof dungarees and jacket.

After the rain, the fish categorically did not want to react to the spinning bait, but our persistence still prevailed. An unexpected solution, a bait with a petal mounted on a wire frame, brought victory. Such baits are usually used on the current, but in the pond it was standing water. However, a trout is a mysterious fish. What it found in this particular bait, ignoring seemingly much more suitable ones, is not clear.

However, the fact remains. Convinced that the first bite was not accidental, we were pleased to put aside ” spinners” to … continue the experiments.

In the meantime the trout fishing slowly died down. Thanks to the cloudy and warm weather it lasted longer than usual. Biting became quite rare for all fishermen, and it happened not closer than in 15-20 m from the shore.

We took another set of tackle, consisting of Power Trout System spinning rod of the same length, but with the test of 5-20 grams, and Quick PTS 630FD reel – and assembled on it a tackle with a bombard. The lead length was about 1 m. Perhaps it would have been easier to fish with a longer “stick”, but we believe that, firstly, the shorter the rod, the higher its sensitivity; and secondly, with a short spinning rod it is more convenient to take fish with a not too long net. As bait, we decided to use a variety of trout jigs .

Little trick - How to catch a trout
Little trick - How to catch a trout

When distance is not important, it’s enough to throw at 40-45 m, it’s better to use the lightest and most unnoticeable bomberds. Fish in late fall keeps at the bottom, so of all the variety of these floats we prefer sinking and sinking fast models. Floaters can come in handy when the fish often come to the surface of the water. This time splashes were very rare. Most of the bites were with 5 grams sinking bombard .

Little trick - How to catch a trout

Fish were biting on almost everything offered, but mostly cautiously, and they were rarely caught. However, as soon as I hooked a Power Trout System Spinner Rigs, everything changed immediately. If other fishermen on the pond almost did not see bites, we had a few on every drive. We did not have to be bored. Quantity gradually began to turn into quality, and the catch began to increase rapidly. The abundance of false bites can be explained by the fact that the trout’s attention was dispersed – it hit the rotating petal, or a soft ball sliding along the line, which seemed to interfere with the fish.

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Next our choice was a small, bright twister on a 5-gram jig head.

Little trick - How to catch a trout

Sometimes it’s possible to get good catches on jig baits, but it takes a long time to find the right rubber and, just as importantly, the weight of the load. If you have prepared a single bait, it is difficult to count on success. This time, too, the fish seemed to have disappeared. No matter how we experimented with bait giving, we failed to get a single nibble.

Gradually the fishing on spinning stopped. There came the traditional lunch break in the fishing. Many fishermen put their fishing rods aside to take a snack. But we took a float rod. No matter how sluggish the fish are, if there are enough of them in the pond, they will bite on stationary baits.

Optimal is a match tackle with a spaced load. There are quite a few “dishes” that can entice trout to take a bite. Among the most effective are the so-called pastes.

Little trick - How to catch a trout

They tend to be very bright, attract fish not only by smell, but also by color.
This bait the fisherman decided to present on a hair jig with a spring.

It is not necessary – the paste is soft and almost does not interfere with the hooking. However, our experience suggests that the effectiveness of a simple hook is lower. We think that a soft spring with jaws slightly compresses the soft paste and the sluggish trout feels the hard “frame” and can spit out the bait. Yes, and the paste holds better on the spring.

To make the fish pay attention to the bait faster, it is worth baiting it. Again, there are many options for the mixture, the easiest and most effective solution – mixed fodder. Fish are accustomed to it. Many fishermen even believe that it is not attracted to the taste and smell, but rather the sound of pellets falling into the water – in short, developed a reflex.

There is no point in immediately filling the place of fishing with compound feed. Much more effective to shoot small portions of the slingshot at short intervals – and the food on the bottom will come gradually, and the sound of splashes will be heard regularly. It is desirable that the pellets land near the float, but in trout fishing it is of less importance than in, say, bream fishing. Still, it is unlikely that such mobile fish will stand still with its nose pressed against one point. We did not have to wait long for the nibble.

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The float dipped slightly in the water, then confidently went down and to the side. Since the float rod was longer than the spinning rod, it took longer to pull the fish out, because it was harder to get it into the net.
A large degree of freedom trout used as much as he could, time after time flying into the coastal grass. It does not hide in it, and therefore if you do not rush and act carefully, the fish is almost always possible to get out of such shelter
As a final experience we decided to check how much the pellets themselves, more precisely, its smell and taste are attractive to fish. For this purpose we used a special jig and pellets with through longitudinal holes.

Little trick - How to catch a trout

In principle, this hair jig is designed for catching carp, but as practice shows, it is quite effective for trout as well. This fish, if it has been in the pond for more than a week, can be very capricious and choosy.

The pellets are fixed on the hair with a special stopper. It is more convenient for pellets than those designed for boyls and corn.
By the way, in trout fishing you have to change leads quite often. You have to pick up the line of a certain thickness depending on the bite, different hooks or mounts for the peculiarities of the bait. And when fishing for floating paste on the length of the leash in many respects depends on how much will lift the bait relative to the pad. In order not to waste time fishing for knitting, it is desirable to have a stock of leashes. Store them better in a special leash.

Trout reacted with interest to new bait. Cautious bites occurred regularly, not less often than on the paste, but the fish was in no hurry to swallow. It seems that large and not yet soaked in water hard enough pellets were too much for it. So we can conclude – the smell and look of pellets attract fish, but how good pellets as bait – it is still necessary to find out. To understand this question we decided to take small pellets on our next fishing trip.
The result of this fishing trip was quite an impressive catch. I had to work hard to get the fish out of the water.