Lessons of Dulep pit

Lessons of Dulep pitThere is on Akhtuba not far from my house Dulepova pit. At the exit of it, the underwater terrain is similar to clay beds, and they are often held by a predator. Mostly this pike, but occasionally skips and sudachok. Perch is also present, and not small. In general, this place is for an obstinate jigovik who knows what a predator's exit is and understands why it is caught by a load of 20 g, but not by 25. Plus, the entrance to this pit is very inconvenient and there are few people there. First we arrived at this place with Alexander. He had just begun to comprehend the secrets of jig fishing, and after long conversations it was time to show him how to do it. What could be easier? A familiar place, a few hooks, poklevki happen, his kit – Avid St'Croix + Black Hole Reel + Power Pro 10 lb – fits perfectly into the conditions of fishing.

We arrived late, at about eleven o'clock, and immediately a surprise: the water rose and in simple boots we couldn’t pass the cherished scythe. It is possible to throw there, but the wiring angle is not the same, the firing sector is not the same, and the wiring along the tangent to the underwater bed does not work. Well, why, one wonders, I did not take the boot covers? Nevertheless, I manage to catch a pike under a kilogram and a bit of a pike from the very first cast. True, I missed both of them already under my feet: for some reason, the coil straightened the cord at the right time. Looked – it turns out all the winding of the cord is turned on the spool. Had to waste precious time rewinding braids. Unwound along the coast, secured with adhesive tape and again wound with effort. A bite stopped.

What was difficult to do from the very beginning? After all, it was already past that in the cold the diameter of the spool decreases and the wound wire, which was previously tightly wound, begins to slip. We continue fishing. We practice long casts and wait for the evening exit of a predator. Because of the high water, the perch began to visit a deep bay between the coast and the underwater clay spit. Do I have to say that I didn’t have any rotators or wobblers with me? After all, we went exclusively to jig! I am changing the rubber for micropill, trying to catch worms, changing places, looking for fish. At 16 o'clock will begin to darken. At about three o'clock I move a little upstream and, taking advantage of the fact that the weak breeze completely subsides, I pierce, as we say, dalnyak. On the first cast I notice that my bait on the bottom is clearly not alone. Someone constantly prevents her from playing the role of a wounded fish. On the second cast, I felt as if the cheburashka was not so much lost from the rhythm of the wiring, but, as it were, stuck to the bottom for a moment.

I just in case hooked – and on time! A minute later led to the shore of the perch on 1.6 kg. For this place is a great copy! In general, perch, and even more per kilogram here is a rarity! I begin to understand that the capture of this pike perch is not accidental. Apparently, somewhere near there is a flock of white fish – this is what makes “misunderstandings" in the behavior of my bait. Literally through the cast, this is confirmed by the agile bream. We saw only his majestic side, but the size confused even my trained composure. Feels like – much more than a kilogram! But sudak poklevok no more. The bait was constantly jumping on the humps of the breams, and I caught one hooked grape for 600 grams.

It’s clear that bream and pike perches didn’t let me sleep, but things didn’t allow me to use good weather to visit Dulepov’s pit again. For two days I was tormented by the thought that a flock of bream, and under it huge pike perches – there, and I – here, in the city. On Sunday, my dreams materialized, and at 12 o'clock my companion Vitaly and I rushed towards the Dulep pit. Of course, this time I got ready for long-distance casts. We come, no, we almost resort to the coast – the place is occupied by donuts! Nothing to do. In the hope that the donators will soon be gone, we are trying to catch between their baits. Oh, and so and so – no, do not leave! Do not peck at them, and they sit! Acne has already pulled out a good pike and the pike is still sitting, and one also reads lectures about the fact that our spinning test is too big and that at a temperature close to zero they can break when cast.

The water has still arrived – even in the shoe covers on the clay spit not to go. Remembering the lessons of past fishing, I am looking for a flock of bream upstream and downstream. In vain. The coveted time of the evening exit is near. Here and donochnik, it seems, gathered. I, trying not to touch the catch, trying to figure out whether the bream is in its old place. But worth it! The breeze, however, smears sensations from behind the arc on the braid, but still I feel that the bait is falling in a strange way. On the third cast I pull the foam from the far clay bed, she immediately sticks again, I nervously try to pull it out – and the bed comes to life! Sits someone! Again bream picked up? No, it does not float, but crushes to the bottom. Zander! And again, not bad, more than a kilogram! Finally, the donators rolled up their fishing rods, spells for which only our forefathers knew. This is where the fun began! Sudak, as if they were waiting for them to leave!

Getting dark, but still everything is visible. Vitaly catches a row of two. The first pecked with a clear blow, the second – just crushed. He pulled 2.5 kg. I had to help Vitaly in order not to miss such a handsome man. After that, I have two ineffectual bites in a row and then hook a kiloshosh pikeperch. Twilight is gathering, the tip of the spinning is no longer visible. In the dark all sorts of sticking and clamps are not felt. It is necessary to be content only with accurate poklevka. Vitaly catches another pike perch, I have not dragged one, and then the biting verse.

It is completely dark. Twenty minutes later we were still trying to listen to spinning, and when we decided to do the “last three casts”, my bait seemed to have hooked on the torn off line. I gently pulled over, but it was not there! At that end, someone violently began to drag in his side! No wonder I took a powerful spinning! However, I can not move. Already descended to a place convenient for vyvazhivaniya, and suddenly a descent … A bitter feeling was born in my soul. I have not slept for three days! I left my wife and child without my love! And all for the sake of this brief moment ?! Only fishing brothers can understand this!

The next morning I picked up my friend Valera on the way, and while I was telling him what I wrote above, we were already there. And as soon as I finished my story about yesterday's evening cool, I just assumed that it could be repeated in the predawn predator's exit, as on the first cast I hung a pound sudachok! Before lunch, I caught another pound near the shore, and he caught the pectoral fin. Well, when caught for the "chin" – this often happens. But here – for the base of the pectoral fin! And then it was even more interesting. Pulling the Cheburashka with a twister from a clay bed, I suddenly fall into some kind of clay again, convulsively pulls it off, and the “clay” comes to life and rests. “Sit or some kind of rope hooked?” – peering into the bent blank, I think. Is sitting! I can not move! Well, exactly like yesterday! Just in case I do a control cutting. My braid is 20 lb, and you, excuse me, how much do you weigh? Let's get acquainted … No, he doesn't. Crushes to the bottom. Just in case I weaken the clutch. And here he is! Zander! Only goes somehow sideways. Valera helps. 2170 grams. Well that's all. Everything settled in me, the bitter feeling of yesterday melted without a trace.

We decide to wait for the evening exit. We notice that our 28 grams are being carried away further and further. The water level began to rise markedly. What is good readers – they are spared from a long wait. What is it like – to wave the spinning, knowing that the biting will start in only two hours! We honestly waved away all this blessing time, and for good reason! Already at dusk, Valera had four (!) Evil bites. Not in the hand, but, as they say, in the leg, and near the shore itself. Strange: yesterday we pecked away from the coast! And I, naive, rather exhausting at the coast. I begin to bring the bait to the shore, I try to catch it where Valera was biting – no, she does not want to! Valera catches perch on a kilo and a half, and again off the coast! And I still have no poklevok! Well there is no way. We decide to make five casts and go to the car.

I make the first cast, I bring the bait almost to the shore, spinning is almost not visible. Here and near edge, I gently jerking with spinning to pull the bait, but it does not work. Looks like it caught on some kind of bush. Where did the bush come from? So I'm dragging someone! Again without a bite ?! I bring the fish to the side on a weakened friction clutch, I drive slowly to the shore – pike perch! And again caught on the side! What are they doing with our bait? Press sideways to the sheer curb? If they are so often afflicted, it means that there are many of them! Then why, with such competition, do they not bite as expected? I caught four and did not see a single bite!

author Alexei Kolomiets

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