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Layered clothing Graff (900-1 / 902-1)


I am often asked to advise me on a demi-season suit, advise me on a summer rain storm suit, advise on a warm and waterproof winter, and finally advise the waders) But few people ask about the puddle. The key to success of a good membrane is always all layers in a multilayer cabbage structure and work in combination, but if there is a lot of information about the middle layer and this is Polartek 200/300 and Polarstretch and windstopper, then there is very little mention of thermocouple. But the main excess heat is removed from the body precisely thanks to thermal underwear to the outer layers, which prevents us from cooling down and freezing. None of the sims or nexus on the most fashionable goretex will work correctly if some pants and footcloths are dressed on the bottom. They can save from the rain, but there is no discomfort from the cold. The purpose of thermal underwear is the removal of moisture from the body, and only then as one of the additional heaters.

For 10 years, I tried a lot of this and not expensive from decathlon nouns, from norfin initial firms and the highest models from Koreans Angler. And a kind of evolved from simple to complex got to the top model from the Polish manufacturer GRAFF – Layered clothing Graff (900-1 / 902-1)

After the season, you can say he didn’t rent it all year round for all fishing and gained a lot of experience to recommend it to his friends. This is winter fishing in a tent, this is spring-early boat trips and coastal spinning trips over a meter long snow cover, and of course wilderness spring and summer fishing in waders and autumn boat trips in rain and a hurricane, what can I say even just cycling on a bicycle The sub-grave served graff.

Main advantages:

– tight and tight

– has a closed neck with a zipper

– no need for frequent washing due to bacteriostatic structure

– tolerates even machine wash (does not stretch)

– does not constrain movement.

– excellent physical properties under static and active loads.

My friends know me that I can get out of the car or McDonald’s in a supermarket without a twinge of conscience)))) It’s just convenient and don’t care about sidelong glances …

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