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Lasky morning

Today I decided to leave the scorpion alone, and at sea I came only at dawn. The main goal of today's fishing was crucian carp. Catching this interesting fish is just a lot of fun. Laskiri are aggressive on bite and just frantic for fighting. To catch this toothy fish, I noticed one breakwater with great depths and a sandy bottom, and setting off for today's fishing, I was almost one hundred percent sure that crucian would be waiting for me there.
Today, for fishing, I used the spinning Maximus Egoist-Z 662UL. When he came to the sea, it was still a bit dark, it was just beginning to grow light. And I decided to try to catch the long distance with a heavy lure, but there were no bites. All this took about ten minutes, and during that time it was already quite light. In general, I noticed that somehow sharply on the sea it was getting dark and dawning. I decide to start with the LureMax Dotty acid oscillator with a nereis worm imitation. The very first posting along the breakwater ended in the capture of a pleasant crucian. And this crucian was the largest for today's fishing.

In general, I chose the acid color of the baubles for a reason. Already from many more experienced rockfishers, I heard the opinion that the Laskir gives preference to such flowers. Both rubber, and the same bullers, well, or hesitating spinners, which serve as the buller.

Dotty acted as a buller perfectly. With a length of 25 mm, it weighs 2.4 grams. And this weight was more than enough for me to catch the depths of 5-7 meters. In the stock version, this oscillator comes equipped with a beardless single. And during the first use, I thought that because of this there will be many gatherings, but further fishing showed the opposite. There were no similarities at all, there were idle bites, and quite a lot, but as for me it was not due to the lack of a hook, but simply because the crucian had a rather small mouth and he simply could not grab the hook with rubber normally. The crucian’s mouth is very dense, powerful, and due to the lack of a beard it was even more convenient to free the fish, yet I let go of the crucian carp and they did not need any extra injuries.

In general, the nibble today was intense, but rather short. The first breakwater brought me a little more than a dozen crucians in 40 minutes of fishing. When the nibble subsided, I shifted to the second breakwater and caught 5 more crucians.

In general, the most active bite of crucian carp was today from 5 to 6 in the morning. Further, he seemed to have shifted somewhere, and as a result, I still caught only one small bull.

Good fishing today. I did not experiment with baits, I did not particularly experiment with places, I just came and caught active crucian for pleasure. Perhaps the next fishing I will devote again to this strong toothy fish.


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