Large Silicone Jig Lures

When fishing for microjig, light jig, heavy jig, silicone baits of very different sizes are used. Well, for microjig, of course, the smaller the bait, the better and basically it is from 30 to 50 mm, personally for me, for other fishermen everything is different. And for light fishing both from the shore and from the boat, I mainly use baits from 50 to 90 mm long, respectively, if the bite is sluggish then I equip the bait small, if the predator is actively behaving, then 90 mm just right.

On such small baits, for example, Shiku 70 crustaceans catch both perch and pike, gnarly fish too, of course, the size is not trophy, but rather the average “food”.

When the bait is increased to 90 mm Kagami, then with its active state, the fish is already caught larger and the trifle is cut off, but not always. But all the same, pleasant bonuses are more often paid attention, the only thing is that a large fish should be at a point, otherwise at least you shouldn’t put any bait and you shouldn’t catch a grain.

This choice of lures is due to the fact that I often go jigging from the shore, and here sometimes I need to throw it further, and if the lure is large, sailing and heavy, it will not be possible to make a long cast. Ever since I had a boat with a motor, the “egoist kit” I was able to get close and choose a convenient point on the pond and now I do not need to throw the bait far, I can easily anchor along the terrain or near the snags and fish.

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So during the winter period, when you start to miss fishing from a boat, I watched a lot of YouTube videos of both amateurs and real athletes. Many people recommend using large silicone baits, depending of course on the time of year. And PAL tournaments prove that really if you want to catch a trophy then you need to use large baits of 4-7 inches.

So far I have decided to acquire baits from 100 to 130 mm, from passive slugs and creatures to active chasing vibro-tails with twisters, the colors are diverse and some have already proven their catchment. I think such a dimension will be of interest in my conditions of catching larger predatory fish, the only thing you need to believe in the bait and rest on it, and faith will come with the first fish caught.