Lagoon Boxer and Lagoon Totem spinning review

Lagoon Boxer and Lagoon Totem spinning reviewIt just so happened that I have to constantly communicate with consumers of fishing products. This applies to baits, cords, reels and various small things. And against this background, directly discussing spinning takes about the same amount of time as everything else raised to the fifth or sixth degree … Well, multiply by eight. I talk with sellers, with buyers, with fishers – athletes and amateurs … And even if you do not keep any strict statistics, general trends in opinions begin to appear one way or another. One of these trends interested me. 3-4 years ago, the attention of “advanced”, “slightly advanced” and beginning spinningists was riveted to only a few, mainly Japanese and American pillars of spinning engineering.

No! Of course, not every spinning player had a stick in their arsenal with the coveted monograms on the form, but almost all of them discussed it. And suddenly it turned out that there are models with “ridiculous” price tags on the racks of fishing stores, and they can also be used for – you will not believe – fishing. Not only that – not only amateurs (well, it’s excusable) already use these spinning rods, but also professionals. They use, are satisfied and advise everyone else. Of course, this can be connected with the economic situation in the country, with the falling income level of the population, with the migration crisis in Europe and the eruption in Hawaii, but I was interested to look at the situation from the other side.

I mainly catch mid-price spinning rods. No pathos. Only good working models. However, recently I have paid too little attention to “inexpensive” sticks. It's time to embark on the path of correction … The subject of my study was the relatively new brand LAGOON on the Russian market. The lineup is small: only four forms. Very “tasty” price. For myself, I chose two spinning rods that are most suitable for my fishing conditions: LAGOON BOXER 240L 2,4m 3-15g and LAGOON TOTEM 240M 2,4m 10-30g.

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Lagoon Boxer 240L 2.4m 3-15g

Which fisherman does not know what the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain is? If even someone was not lucky enough to catch here, then everyone, without exception, heard the stories about tingling pike, perch, catfish and other “pike perches” that were teeming with wild imagination. In reality, reality is somewhat more prosaic. The teem in floodplain thickets and meadows is mainly midges, mosquitoes and the afflicted to taste the same crazy fishing with trophies on each cast, already slightly disappointed, with bewildered faces, but not losing hope fishermen. Of course, in the season the floodplain may well please with large catches and trophy specimens, however, this fishing is very laborious and demanding both for tactical and material equipment.

Why, in fact, all this opus? It was this spinning that seemed to me a universal tool for floodplain or similar lakes. I'll try to justify. I would describe the system as moderately fast, which significantly expands the range of used lures. Perhaps the only type of fishing that the Lagoon Boxer is unlikely to cope with is hard twitching with persistent wobblers, but in our conditions it is not used very often. But with the work of any spinners and light jig, this spinning copes wonderfully. At the same time, it gives good and, what is extremely important, controlled casting. Another plus in the treasury of this stick is reliability. Tearing out a pike from a reed, wrapping two buckets of grass on itself, without fear of hearing a disgusting crunch on exceeding the allowable bending angle of the form – this is about him. Everything is somehow mundane, calm … The same reliability affects the movements of reed cashmen, and even during numerous transfers from one to another. Frankly, not everyone takes away spinning in a tube. For example, I do not clean.

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Now about the fittings and appearance … The rings and reel seat are surprisingly good. Build quality. In general, Lagoon Boxer gives the impression of "sober plumbing." Pleasantly surprised and knows his business! In general, budget spinners with puffy appearance in expensive cases sometimes amaze me. The question always arises: “Why not use the extra money for a better form or reel seat without wedging in the thread?” The question is rather rhetorical. It is pleasant to note that he has nothing to do with Lagoon.

Lagoon Totem 240M 2.4m 10-30g.

This spinning pleased me the most in jig fishing. I rarely use spinners and wobblers weighing over 20 grams. It is possible that when fishing for taimen on palm-sized oscillators, this stick is also useful, but we do not have taimen. We have to be content with zander. From LAGOON TOTEM I did not expect hypersensitivity. Well, I did not expect – and did not receive it. Therefore, you will not be able to feel each branch on the coveted snag, but the sensors of the form are enough to track the bottom and fix the bite. The form is lively, but quite fast for confident sweeping. The biggest plus of this model is long-range casting. Spinning confidently shoots even ten-gram lures, although working in the lower range and on more expensive models often raises complaints. And, of course, a sense of power. Most likely, this is the corporate identity of Lagoon.

Budget spinning can be good. More precisely, it should be good, otherwise there would be no Lagoon Totem and Boxer spinning rods. They, of course, are generalists of a rather wide profile. But who said this is bad? When it comes to ordinary fishing, and not about the pursuit of grams, this is rather a plus. If the manufacturer approaches the development of his models wisely, then a low price characterizes affordability, not quality. As the saying goes, "do not let yourself be deceived."

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author Dmitry Ivanov

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