Kumiyoki continued!

Returning from Finland, I rethink my approach to the principles of fishing. Finland is a country rich in fish resources, but here too the catch-let-go principle is appropriate. Yes, I am not a supporter of the complete ban on the seizure of fish. Pick up a few pieces on the table to eat is not prohibited. But why take ALL?

The latest example from Finland. Caught on two "Maxsimus" with a test of 0.8-7 and 5-25. Fluorocarbon with a thickness of 0.4 and 0.25 was used as leads. Several large and small pikes quickly dealt with these leashes – they were cut off with wobblers. But two I returned.

On the "path" bite and toothy instead of pike perch flies. A short fight and no wobbler. I put a metal leash, a new wobbler and continue to cherish. After half an hour, in the same place, bite and I pull out the same pike with my two wobblers. A photo of the first "tandem" is attached.

Second case. On the first day, on a roll, a pike cut off my wobbler in front of my eyes. I tried to catch a trout there, but chubs, okushka and zhereshata were caught. A day later, in the same place – bite. I bring out a pike with a "bonus". Bonus is my wobbler. It's nice to return your bait, of course, but that's not the point.

This suggests that although they say that there are a lot of fish – do not catch them, but if I had taken them the first time, I would not have caught them the second. Photo attached. It seems to me that on such rivers, each specimen has its own habitat with clear boundaries. And if we will seize everyone, then we will not get a second bite at this place. At least fast.

Example with chubs and asp. Especially not walking on the river. I tried to catch a familiar river with pebbles. Early in the morning you watch the outputs of the active fish and try to catch it. Change gear, colors of lures, etc. “Nadybal” are two promising points that worked every day. It is a pity that the thoughts “ring the caught specimens came only at the end. I have a big suspicion that I caught the same specimens. They are very similar in weight and size. You need to adjust to the fish. Wiring, color, casting place, fishing time, etc. Activity is strictly on time, and then “empty” casts, the ubiquitous okushka, squint.

The asp, which hunted in the mornings in the morning, took once. The second bite ended with an unbroken hook and an annoying descent. I have a suspicion that this is the same instance. Having comprehended the last fishing, I come to the conclusion that in order to enjoy fishing – you need to protect the caught specimens and release them for new thrills. And then our children may not get this joy.

And the idea of ​​“ringing” or marking the caught specimens got into my head. Maybe someone will tell you how to do it better. I have an idea to use colored cable ties. They are thin, it can be adjusted to any trophy and should not interfere with fish.

Author – Oleg Britov


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