June fishing, not fishing

The boat season will begin soon, but so far it remains to catch all these prohibitions only from the coast, and even then as far as possible from the city. If so then I will go for a pike, I will catch wobblers in my channels. The forecast today is normal, without rain, but the western breeze does not promise a bite, but it is better to try than sit back at home.

Crossing the river, I see that there is a lot of direct water inflated, it means the level in the channels will be higher than usual, it will also be cloudy and the pike will hold more clean water in these channels.

I begin my exploration from the beginning with shallow areas where you can catch on surface baits, even with the rising water level here is solid grass on the water. She has already risen too much and just closed the promising places; she will have to go further where a little deeper.

I came to a place where the depths are 2-2.5 meters, the surface baits were not caught here and then I took a small Niko 50SP wobbler and found a flock of small okushka that came out to attack from the wall of algae. There was no pike in this place, so I didn’t stand for a long time, I went on a search further.

The farther he left the place where the canals intersected, one came from the river, the cleaner the water became and the fish showed itself. The pike sometimes drove the fry, and crucian carp traveled in packs. The change of bait to a brighter wobbler brought into the catch one well-fed pike for these places, it also came out on the border of algae.

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I went to several of my working points, but there were no fish in them, the pike moved along the channels or simply did not want to attack the bait, it was already lunch time. Only the finds are different, like there is no nest and the future pheasant lies completely alone.

I checked the presence of fish in a couple of places, like there is a pike, but the size of the small fry is some, it’s not a great pleasure to catch such fish. I wonder where the big pike walks?

Well, I think we need to visit one snag, maybe there will be large individuals, but of course he was upset on arrival, a continuous carpet of algae covered the fishing spots. Then I decided to finish it, there were no more good places and the pike was very passive, apparently the west wind and the pouring water were to blame. Or just “June – spit fishing.”