Jigging in early summer.

Expectations did not come true …

More precisely, everything went according to plan as it should be. They opened on Saturday, but of course they overslept on the morning bite. We went out after dawn. It took several hours to set up new Garmin equipment. They decided not to go to the old points and went on a new search, especially since the device is clean in the literal sense of the word.

Everywhere pecked small zander and bersh, and on any rubber or foam. The neighboring boats all stacked in a bag and on kukan. We are not interested in catching it, so we move on.

On one of the brows I noticed clear 3 silhouettes. They put the boat a little at an angle to make casts almost parallel to the edge.

The first cast, while exhausting, someone got hooked on the bait and started violent resistance. At first I thought it was a pike, because I felt like a fish was shaking its head, but already at the net itself it became clear that a somnock was caught. Already not bad. I have long noticed that if I saw a fish in an echo sounder, then it pecks on the first 5-6 postings. Today is no exception.

The rest of the day passed steadily, shallow zander continued to bite our baits on almost every setting, sometimes getting hooked, and the arrow of the fuel level indicator constantly crawled down.

The second day they decided to rush into the distance, according to rumors there was a distribution of zander yesterday. But as it happens, it was caught yesterday. Upon arrival, small gnaws and bershs also pecked. The partner leaked the crocodile in the snag, there are a lot of people, promising points are constantly busy. By lunchtime they returned to familiar places.

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Everything is stable here, there is a strong current, cargo under 60 grams, bigger gnarls, although they peck at less often, but with such force that after biting you think he’s a trophy, but alas.

But still large pike perches were found and even caught in the evening.

Everything is standard on baits, in the favorites of Bait Breath T.T. Shad, I changed only the size and color. But large zander already pecked at the 5-inch Intech Slim Shad, which is expected. The colors are not defined, pecked at everything, and on green and purple and various combinations.

Fishing was a success !!!