Jig heavyweights

Norstream Terminator TR90MHF

The length of the assembled rod is 274 cm, shipping is 140 cm, weight is 249 grams. Bait test 10-40 g, line 10-20 lb. The rod has seven rings with silicon carbide inserts, the bottom ring has two attachment points, the rest are single-bearing. The rings are relatively large, which contributes to long casting and makes fishing more comfortable in subzero temperatures. Put-over knee joint, tight joint. The handle is cork, its length is 52 cm. The rod is equipped with a screw reel seat with a nut twisting from above. When tightening the nut, a ratchet sound is heard, which may not please everyone. Spinning, like all Terminators, is sold in a plastic tube, which is not typical for inexpensive gear.

The actual test of the rod is as stated. It works well both with 10 gram baits and weights under 40 grams. If necessary, the upper limit can be exceeded: it is felt that the rod has a solid reserve of strength. The quality of the spinning rod is best shown with lures weighing more than 20 grams. Lighter ones cannot fully load the spinning rod when casting, and their wiring feels somewhat blurry. True, due to the design of the reel seat, a very good sensitivity “in the hand” appears already with lures weighing 15-16 g. The rod opens its full throwing qualities with weights weighing 28-34 g.

The spinning rod is well balanced: the center of gravity of the reel rod is 8.5 cm in front of the reel foot, within the front of the handle. The rod is well suited for catching large fish in a variety of conditions, especially for large bodies of water such as the Oka or the Moskva River, when long-distance casting is often required, and the trophy can be very solid. At the same time, it works well for playing, allowing you not to be afraid of fish coming off even with braided line. True, according to the manufacturer’s information, the production of rods of this series has been discontinued, and next year we can expect some modifications of this model.

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Mikado Silver Eagle Spin 270 M

Nominal length 270 cm, actual 273 cm, shipping 141 cm. Rod weight 170 g, test 20-40 g. The spinning rod is equipped with seven single-support guides with silicon carbide inserts. Rings of a relatively small size – this was done, apparently, to lighten the rod. The tulip, unlike the other models considered, is equipped with protection against line overlaps. If for lighter spinning rods this is not so critical, then on a rod for heavy jig I would like to see more reliable protection. Put-over knee joint, the joints fit well, the joint itself is reliable. The handle is cork, short, 44 cm long. At first, it is not very convenient to cast heavy baits, but gradually you get used to the short handle. The reel seat is simple screw, the nut is screwed from the bottom. It will fit most Daiwa 3500-4000 reels.

The rod is made of carbon fiber, but its specific brand is not indicated either on the spinning rod itself or on the manufacturer’s website. Despite its light weight, the rod doesn’t feel all that light. This stems from not the best balancing. Even with a relatively heavy 4000 reel, the balance point is 13 cm from the spool foot, which is quite a lot compared to other models. The reason for this is the shortening of the handle and the overall power of the lower knee, the weight of which is the bulk of the rod. On the other hand, a powerful and relatively thick lower knee with a light upper one with increased taper allows for fast action of the rod using inexpensive and not the most “modular” material.

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If we talk about a real test of the rod, its lower limit could be lowered to about 15 g. The declared upper limit is quite consistent with the real one, but you should not exceed it: with weights of 35-40 g, you already feel that the rod is fully loaded. The wiring of even 20-gram lures is well tracked along the rod tip and “in hand”, along the tip you can track the touch of the bottom and lighter weights. The throwing characteristics of the spinning rod cannot be called outstanding, again mainly due to the shortened handle, which does not allow full power casts. So ultra-long casts will not work with him. The best casting is obtained with lures weighing 25-30 g. This model is suitable primarily for coastal fishing on not very large bodies of water – lakes and ponds, rivers such as the Klyazma or Pakhra near Moscow, where very long casting is not required. Spinning rods do a good job of playing fish of various sizes. Under loads, its upper third works mainly.

Mikado Competition 270 Danube Spin

Nominal length 270 cm, actual 276 cm, weight 180 g, lure test 15-55 g. The spinning rod has six rings with SiC inserts, all except the lower one with one fulcrum point, while the lower one is reinforced. The rings are large, but at the same time quite light. The knees are put-over. The handle is cork, 44 cm long. The reel seat is screw, with wood inserts and metal rings that fix the reel. Metal rings can damage the foot of the reel, and it will not be very comfortable to fish with them in the cold. In addition, a very unpleasant creak is heard when tightening the reel seat nut. The rod is well balanced: the balance point is 8 cm in front of the reel foot. Due to this, it seems lighter than the Silver Eagle discussed above, although the manufacturer’s declared weights suggest otherwise.

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The rod is made of IMX9 high modulus carbon fiber. The system is semi-parabolic, while in dynamics it is quite fast – the oscillations of the tip decay almost immediately. The lower limit of the rod test raises no doubts: 15-gram lures can be cast normally and their wiring feels good. But there are comments on the upper border. Already 42 grams loads the spinning rod quite heavily when casting, so the use of heavier weights is hardly advisable. The spinning rod has good sensitivity “in hand” with lures of 22-24 grams, which is also achieved thanks to the “sensor” reel seat. Due to the semi-parabolic action, the rod works well for casting. The longest casting was obtained with lures weighing 32-36 grams.

The spinning rod is suitable for fishing in a variety of conditions, but most of all – for fishing in large reservoirs with long casting. True, not the greatest power of the “stick” can cause problems with long range hooks, so you need to carefully monitor the quality of the hooks. In addition to jig fishing, it is also suitable for fishing asp with wobblers or heavy long-range spoons. Where such fishing can be purposeful, this rod will do a good job, especially if it is not possible to carry two sets – “jig” and “long-range”. Danube Spin successfully combines these qualities.