Jerkovik, what are you?

Either spring breaking makes itself felt, or it started to rave about fat …))) In general, I was drawn to reflect. And at the same time try to clarify a number of points.

Against the background of a lot of information about Jerkbeit (about tackle, lures, and other related attributes and subtleties), I was always interested in the internal component of this type of fishing. What is the essence of this philosophy, what is the psychological portrait of the adept jerekbait? In the end – what personally caught me on this fishing method?

Indeed, to be honest, I sometimes have periods when I don’t even want to go fishing, but I don’t even want to think about it. But after some time, again, with even greater passion, I return to Jerkbait. Not to a jig, not to spinners or wobblers. Not. It is to these large baits that fascinate from the very first seconds with their behavior in water during ordinary wiring.

So what is the magic? What is the power of gravity of jerkbait?

I almost always say that jerkbait is one of the few types of fishing where there is nothing to do without creativity. Jerkovik is like a puppeteer in a puppet theater. Pulling a thread (making jerks and pulls with a rod), he revives the bait. At the same time, I have always been delighted and admire the opportunity to spend the same bait many times in completely different ways.

You can even go a little deeper and conduct some kind of psychoanalysis of the process (apparently the work on stage made itself felt))))) …

So here. When wiring this or that jerk, we essentially play on the instincts of pike. This is somewhat similar to the performance of one actor. I'm talking about the classic jerkbaite (about baits without additional irritants in the form of silicone, petals, etc.). By animating the bait, we make it play a performance (or dance a dance). If your performance is interesting and the actor’s game “catches”, then your “spectator” (pike) will definitely react. If the abilities and talent of the “artist” were enough, if the fish reacted, then we can assume that the dzherkovik received his applause and applause. Well, if the game is not convincing, if the "viewer" saw a falsity in the game – there will be no success. But our viewer is very picky – these are grandmothers with great life experience.)

With all this, oil adds to the fire a number of nuances.

First, we never know what our “viewer" wants. What is in his head and soul? What kind of "spectacles" does he need? Therefore, each such performance or dance is an improvisation. At least until the first "applause."

The second – we literally still have to find our “spectator". Well, if the "puppeteer" has an echo sounder. And if not? Then the performance is performed in potential places. Where, in our opinion, our viewer may be located. Sometimes there are punctures – the viewer is not in such places.

Third, the puppeteer needs to be able to choose the right character and temperament of the role played by the doll. It's about the selection of the form (and, accordingly, its manner of behavior during posting) and the degree of buoyancy of the bait.

Well, those who believe in the color of the bait – you need to guess with the external stage appearance of the doll.

Probably in all this is the very “magic”. You know what they say – if the artist felt the “taste" and energy of the scene, then this is forever. You will never get rid of this craving. So it is here. If you came to jerkbait you managed to tame this bait, mastered tackle, if you could understand the logic and laws of this multifaceted process and you can coexist harmoniously with them, in the end, if you got your first “applause”, then you will remain in jerkbaite. And you will stay for a very long time. No matter how you want to, you won’t be able to leave. Even if you leave for a while, you will return sooner or later. Therefore, apparently, they say that there are no random people in jerkbait. Not because someone decided that. Not because we are so special and decided to distance ourselves from the rest of the fishermen. Not. So it in itself turns out. This is something like natural selection in nature. Hooked – stayed, not hooked – you will not be here. In another way.

It is often said that artists and people with some kind of talent are people marked by God. No offense, but due to my experience of working on the professional stage, I can allow myself to draw the same analogy with respect to Jerkoviks.

Watching those who have been in jerkbait for a long time, I noticed that practically all of them are characterized by such qualities as healthy indefatigable curiosity, erudition, a high level of intelligence, the ability to think and act creatively in the process of fishing and in the process of preparing for it, the ability to analyze and draw objective conclusions. As a rule, the person who came and stayed in jerkbait already initially has most of these qualities. They are originally peculiar to his nature. Moreover – this fishing format makes it possible to develop, expand and implement these properties. And sometimes to awaken some of the hidden ones.

Therefore, I would like people who are not familiar with jerkbaits not to be offended by us when we say bluntly that Jerkoviks are a separate caste of people. We ourselves didn’t come up with this and wanted to. We do not position ourselves that way. So it turns out essentially in a natural way. We are sincerely glad when our ranks are replenished by beginners. We also sincerely rejoice for them when they share with us their first successes. Because each of us at one time experienced the same, incomparable emotions.

Of course, there are a number of rules that Jerkoviks adhere to without question. Of course, the implementation of these rules and the ordinary fisherman adds advantages to his karma. But this is not the main thing. In my opinion, the basis of Jerkovik’s mentality is still what I wrote above.

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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