It's good that I went fishing

Finally, it’s a day off and I want to go fishing for fish, but the problem is that a strong east wind is blowing, it will quickly invent water from ponds. On the one hand, it’s good, there are accessible places that were previously flooded with water, but the fishing conditions will not be very comfortable. But it’s better to just sit at home and regret not having gone and was scared of the wind. Everything needed in the trunk and on the road, did not even have time to have breakfast.

I had a little snack on the pond, talked with a very good-natured fisherman, I am always for communication, and began to slowly collect tackle.

Since the level in the lake fell sharply, by about 1-1.5 meters, I went straight to the opposite shore, where a person’s leg usually doesn’t step. I rested on fishing here for a long time, but the wind is strong and here, in principle, I did not even see a single bite, generally complete silence.

Then he went in the opposite direction while trying to catch in every place. At the "Tree-roots" point, I stood for a long time and rested until a bite occurred on the next wiring at the edge itself, namely the bite and quite sharp. Having slightly weakened the friction clutch, it started pumping out the fish so that it did not come down, it was a pike that very accurately detected itself, literally over the edge of the skin on its mouth, and only thanks to the relaxed clutch did it not come off.

The capture time was 12:16, he stood still for about 10 minutes, but there were no more bites. If this exit has begun, then you need to check other work points, you need to be in time. He came to the very working point, the chalk that is completely open from the water, and began to catch. On the fourth posting on the edge itself on the reel without hitting something, I notice something, a heavy one but the feeling that I got fish, it really is, and a little pike spotted almost behind. Then another one is slightly larger and already as it should with a blow, 2 pikes are caught from a point with an interval, this is definitely an exit!

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Again the transition further, a few postings idle, then I catch a little pike. I stand fishing further in the hope of a pike, but after an incomprehensible bite and an instant descent, a surprise from the carp was left on the bait again. After a few postings, bite again, I hook well and the fish is already here, too strong and it became clear that this is the owner of the scales, I carefully remove it. It’s like carp and crushed by a beard like a pike perch, it would be correct to catch it on a flat with corn, and not on a spinning rod!

Then he moved to all workplaces and to those where the capture was today, but no more poking. The release time today was long from 12:16 to 14:51, not before nor after a single bite. According to the baits, the Shrku 70 blue shrimp and Kagami 70 vibro-tail purple shrimp worked, both stood out well and contrasted in the water. In general, today the sunny weather was not very pike, but at the same time it was caught, and the perch was completely ignored, strange. But the most important thing is that I went fishing and caught a fish, as if it's good that no matter how strong the wind went