Is it possible to make a forecast for biting fish tomorrow?

Before fishing, many fishermen wonder – well if tomorrow pick? And others, can easily predict the probability of future catch. Moreover to this the ability to “predict” possible only on the basis of a large number of experience, and carefully prepare for tomorrow’s fishing. As success in fishing, is achieved only in the case if fishing tackle is chosen correctly, selected the perfect fishing spot, and you have the right tips, don’t forget about bait.

The factors influencing the biting fish

The activity of finding food, as well as the behavior of the fish is affected by several factors:

  • the change of water level;
  • changes in weather conditions, which include: changes in atmospheric pressure, speed and wind direction, air temperature and others.

The effect of weather on the biting fish

The combination of all these factors actively affect the fish, even fly-fishing. Therefore, there is a natural relationship between the changes in these factors and by cool, but most often this pattern is more towards fishing signs, rather than to scientific facts. Therefore, the projection of nibble fish for tomorrow, you need to consider many factors. For example, often when changing winds in the North, many fishermen claim that the fish the fish is on the wane, however, in the case of the July heat, with this change of wind, the bite can be improved.

The influence of barometric pressure on fish

With respect to atmospheric pressure, when it falls, they say that the fish stops to peck at all, but again, there is here, its contradictions, for example, activity in search of food, dropping more peaceful fish, and predators, not missing the opportunity, on the contrary strenuously begin to feed. About atmospheric pressure, we have tried to elaborate here.

There is also this opinion, which is better the fish bite, only in settled weather, and most often this weather can catch in the summer. However, there are secrets. So on the one hand, the warm water fish is good, as it contains a sufficient amount of feed in the form of small plants, algae, insect larvae, but, on the other hand, with the increase in temperature of the ambient air, in the water decreases the oxygen level, and because of this, the fish becomes sluggish and reduces its activity.

If we take into account global factors, of course, not to mention about the geomagnetic environment of the Earth, associated with exposure to solar energy. It is the change in the geomagnetic environment affects our health, and fish and did feel a couple of days. Consequently, the influence of the moon on nibble fish is also important. Therefore, to accurately guess if the fish bite tomorrow or not – is almost impossible. Based on this, you need to carefully prepare for each fishing trip, to guess if the bite tomorrow, you can, based only on my experience.

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