In the overgrown places

With weather the confusion, the sun is shining, it is pouring rain, and hunting is a trip to fishing. In order not to take risks and get caught in the rain when fishing from a boat, I decided that it was better to go to a distant cordon and drive a pike in the canals. You can drive up to the canals themselves, but if it rains then go far behind the tractor. It’s better to walk through the fields for half an hour, but then I will leave on time.

I did not even recognize the place where I usually start fishing, compared to early spring everything here was almost overgrown with tall grass. I will somehow make my way through the thickets. Grass on the water rose very much the same way and in many good places duckweed is carpeted, wobblers will rest today, and surface baits will work.

He made his way to the water, the far shore and the nearest one are covered with algae, and in the middle there is 3-4 meter open water, and it is necessary to make a filigree cast under the water’s edge in order to somehow draw the bait. The most interesting thing is that the pike showed itself almost instantly after splashing the volcano.

Walking along I was looking for at least some open areas of water, if I found something, I would definitely stop and try to catch it. In some places, it was possible to catch a spotted one, which sometimes directly swallowed the bait very deeply, without which it is problematic to remove, convenient and easy-to-fit pliers.

I moved to another site, there is more open water here, but algae are close to the surface of the water, it is much easier to catch here. In such places perch was already caught, small and sometimes the size of a wolf.

There was also a lot of small pike in this canal, which eagerly attacked the squelching wolf, jumping like a dolphin out of the water.

The pike basically kept to the border of open water and duckweed, if it hit a point clearly then wait for a bite of a rabid pike, the concentration here was great.

Having gone through the entire channel where it was possible to catch, he decided to head for the exit, making his way with difficulty through the thorny thickets, fighting mosquitoes and ticks.

The working baits today are all superficial, the Hatori 85 and Karey 70TW walkers worked very well, as well as my working popper Hikari Pop 3D 65. Other baits even with a depth of up to 0.5 meters cannot even be held, they will catch algae. Fishing was excellent, with a sense of satisfaction I went back to the fields …

Amanda K. Benson

Author: Amanda K. Benson

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