How to smoke perch at home on the stove. Smokehouse from the pan

If you want smoked fish, and before you leave for the cottage for another month, or even more … But there are no other options, then I suggest trying to smoke the fish with your own hands.

What is needed

old pot with a lid grill from grill food foil nippers pair of three perch for smoking

Instruction How to smoke fish at home

We take the grill from the grill, you can old, and cut out a circle in the shape of a pan with pliers. It will need to be inserted inside our future smokehouse so that 5-6 centimeters remain from the bottom.

If it falls, we put crumpled balls of foil along the edges.

Next, at the bottom, under the grate, we put the foil in a couple of layers. Chips are laid on it.

By the way. What kind of wood chips do you use? For perch, the juice itself is cherry and apple tree. However, here everyone is free to choose for themselves.

On top of the same foil, something resembling a cup is made. The width is like a pan, only a couple of centimeters less. This "cup" is needed so that the fat from the fish does not drip onto the chips, but into it.

A grill is placed on top, which was previously cut out. Perches are laid on it.

The pan closes tightly with a lid. The main thing is as tight as possible. If there is a suspicion that the smoke will be a column, the lid can be “planted” on the dough. And there will be no smell and will be hermetically sealed.

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How much to smoke fish at home

In a standard pan for a couple of three perches, 10 minutes of full fire are enough and then, removing from the stove, a couple more hours.

That's it, you can open the lid and try to eat.

P.S. Regarding the aroma in the kitchen, etc., etc. He will, this is not an electric smokehouse for you. However, it is not so that the spouse kicked out of the house. It smells a bit and that's it.

Bon Appetit!