How to quickly change hooks on micro-vibrations.

I saw micro-vibrations equipped with single hooks. I always used triplets through the winding ring – there are no problems with the connection, but I didn’t find such rings for the odnarnik, I need them with a big ear. size and all the wisdom. Now you can very quickly change the hooks on the spreader, depending on the size of the fish and its preferences – to remove the tee and perch from the tee – it’s still a hassle to sit on three hooks. A single is still preferable when the elec often responds to germs, more than once come across.

A little trick saves you from searching for hooks with a big ear. However, they aren’t everywhere, but there are plenty of ordinary hooks. It might be useful to someone. It’s better to put a bright cambric on the hook or, as in my case, a little foam.

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