How to pickle eggs pike at home. Its benefits and harms

When talking about fish eggs, often somehow remember sturgeon caviar, black or red. No words, this product is very tasty.

However, in Russia valued caviar and other freshwater fish. Moreover, with proper preparation and storage, it turns out not less tasty.

And some foodies and do prefer it to other similar products. Salted ROE of pike is one of those delicacies.

The contents

  • Preparing for salting
  • Separation from ovary
  • How to pickle eggs pike
  • Benefits and harms of pike caviar
  • Useful video

Preparing for salting

First of all, it should be noted that the product not necessarily just salt, delicious pike caviar and fried, and some Housewives manage to combine it with the flour, make it into something like pancakes.

However, the product in salt form is something special.

The choice of fish

Cooking, we’re talking about here, requires thoroughness, regularity and sequence of action. Let’s start with the choice of fish. There are a few simple principles:

  • the larger the pike, the more calves; but keep in mind that too large individuals may have an unpleasant smell of slime, which is transmitted to all parts of the fish;
  • the gills have a fresh pike is bright pink; grey indicates that it was stored for a long time;
  • preference for fresh instead of frozen fish; frozen eggs can fall out of the bags, and it will be difficult to clean and remove membranes.

Separation from ovary

The ovary is called the sacs in which eggs develop. Before salting it is desirable to remove. This is done in several ways:

  • can be elementary to wipe them through a sieve; however, particles of the film can mix with the eggs and remove them will be difficult;
  • some people use a meat grinder; this method is simple but has several disadvantages, ovary wrapped around the knife grinder, and then they have to remove; while, again, small particles of film remain in the calf;
  • you can mix everything with a mixer; the most effective way, at the same time, the ovary just wound up on the blades, and they are easy to remove, just unwound;
  • is simple but the most reliable; the eggs in bags placed in a three-dimensional basin and pour boiling water, then gently stir with a fork; the ovaries after this procedure, should begin to emerge; the bags are removed. boiling water drained carefully; after that, the eggs already poured plenty of cold water and gently stirred; and so several times (up to 10-15) before the water becomes completely transparent.

Final rinse

At the bottom of the colander is placed a layer of gauze. There would be separate from the ovary eggs. All this is filled with water, let it drain and squeeze in cheesecloth. The product is ready for salting.

How to pickle eggs pike


  • caviar of pike – 500 g;
  • salt, preferably sea, it is smaller — 3 tbsp;
  • sunflower oil – 100 g

The eggs are covered with salt, mix, topped with 80 g of butter. If the salt rises to the surface, clean it with a spoon, it’s over. The product is decomposed into a container and placed in a cool place (not the fridge!) hours on 6-7.

Then top up the remaining oil and put in the fridge. For a perfect taste of caviar it is desirable to keep a week.


Important. Boiling water to rinse the product does not have harmful microorganisms and neutralize salt.
Benefits and harms of pike caviar

All that is on our table, has both benefit and some harm in some diseases. To the beneficial properties pike caviar include:

  • it is believed that it greatly strengthens the immune system because of its high content of amino acids;
  • it is the richest source of iodine;
  • recommended for children 3 years of age for the prevention of rickets, as it strengthens the skeletal system;
  • acid omega-3, which it contains, is an excellent tool for the prevention of cancer;
  • its regular use cleanses the blood and improves its composition.

As for the possible harmful effects, it is desirable to limit (but not eliminate!) the use of this product in the following cases:

  • in hypertension; the product contains excess salt that can trigger increased pressure;
  • in diseases of the kidneys and other digestive tract;
  • arthritis, osteoarthritis, gouty conditions;
  • during exacerbation of any disease.

So, trying to cook this delicious dish, don’t be afraid of negative consequences. Follow a simple recipe, and very soon you will be able to entertain visitors with a real delicacy of her own making.

Useful video

How to pickle eggs pike in the video below:

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