How to make zakidushku carp and carp with their hands, description of tackle and how to catch her

Donkey well suited for carp carp fishing. You can do a simple variation of the bottom gear – zakidushki. Such a donok fished as a kid. Today, when on the shelves of fishing shops presents a variety of high-tech gear for every taste and wallet, zakidushka is still relevant. This species of donkey has advantagesthat distinguish it from other ground rods and float tackle.

The contents

  • Device gear, the advantages and disadvantages of
  • Features carp and carp on zakidushku
  • How to make zakidushku carp with their hands
  • Choice of nozzles and bait
  • Fishing technique
  • Tips
  • Useful video

Device gear, the advantages and disadvantages of

Zakidushka is the simplest tackle for carp fishing. It consists of fishing line length of several tens of meters at the end of which are the leashes from the hook of hook , line and sinker.

The advantages of zakidushki:

  • costs it is very inexpensive, you can make several of these market to catch on several of the gear;
  • zakidushka takes up minimal space during transport;
  • zakidushki as any Donk, very convenient to catch away from the coast;
  • zakidushka well suited for carp fishing at the stream.

I have this gear and significant drawbacks:

  • since there are no rods and reels , to draw out fish accounts, holding hands on the scaffold – is difficult, especially if the hook sits a large and heavy trophy;
  • when fishing a standard zakidushki at the end of which is a sinker, not a trough, it’s hard to overfeed a place of catching and over and over again to throw it in a snap.

Features carp and carp on zakidushku

Zakidushka suitable for catching small carp and carp, up to 1-2 kg in weight. To draw out the larger instances, such a set highly problematic. For catching medium and large carp it is better to use a ground rod with a rod.

Help! For fishing it is better to use several zakidushek. In this case, the chances of a good catch will be higher.

This tackle is suitable for catching carp and carp at any time in open water. You can fish and 10, and 100 metres from the shore (although fishing in the coastal zone of the best fit float rod and a distance a ground rod with a rod and reel). Usually fishing takes place at a distance of 20-60 m. Zakidushki you can fish both day and night .

How to make zakidushku carp with their hands

For manufacturing carp zakidushki will need:

  • the main fishing line;
  • fishing line for leads;
  • sinker;
  • the swivel with a carabiner;
  • hooks.


The diameter of the line is chosenbased on the size of carp and personal preferences. Some like the thinner thread because in this case the tackle is less alarming the fish. Others use thick fishing line, which stranded on the hook for the trophy just will not stop. In most cases, carp zakidushku enough to the main fishing line with a diameter of 0,35-0,4 mm drive pin – 0,2-0,25 mm. For such a tackle will be no problem to catch a fish weighing 2-3 kg and also up to 5-pound trophy if he goes on the hook.

The weight of sinkers is chosen for the conditions of fishing:

  • to fish in a standing body of water sufficient load of 30-40 g;
  • if fishing takes place on the course, you need to use sinkers that will not drag on the bottom – their weight can reach up to 100-120 g of

Attention! Classic zakidushka assumes that its end should be exactly the sinker. But instead mounted on the end of the fishing line feeder feeder. It will cost inexpensive. The accuracy of feeding will increase significantly, and the chances of a good catch increase.

The process of making gear as follows.

You need to tie the main fishing line to the swivel with a carabiner.

You then need to attach to a carabiner sinker.

Cut a piece of fishing line pedestrian 20-30 cm long, attach it to the main line, departing 20 cm from the sinker and tie. Next leash should be directed in the opposite load direction, in this case, the gear will be much less confused on the casts.

To tie the leash to the main fishing line directly without vertluzhnoj and other additional devices are well suited for such a node, you add two fishing lines together, to make them 3 turns around the finger, to remove them with the finger, then skip the ring formed inside the first long end of the leash, then the long end of the main fishing line and tighten.

The next step is to snap to the leash hook. Things to do 1, 2 or 3 leash. You need to place them at a sufficient distance from one another so that the hooks could not catch each other, and tackle not confused.

At the end of such tooling is necessary to tie a loop. Another option is to mount on the end of the swivel, a carabiner or a swivel with a carabiner.

Important! Don’t forget to moisten each knot before tightening. If you do not do this, the gear will lose badly in strength. And the importance of strength and reliability snap when fishing for carp it is difficult to overestimate.

It remains only to attach the resulting snap-in to the main fishing line with a length of 50-150 m, and zakidushka ready for fishing. The main thread should be wound on a reel.

You can use a standard wooden or plastic reel for fishing line. But it is more convenient to use a tin can or a plastic bottle. Her line will be easy to get off when casting.

Choice of nozzles and bait

For carp fishing at zakidushku well you can use any baits which are well kept on the hook and will not fly on long casts. From plant tips you can use:

  • corn ;
  • peas ;
  • dough;
  • mastyrka.

Baits of animal origin for carp fishing at zakidushku:

  • the worm;
  • maggot;
  • meat shells.

As for feeding carp balls with his hands, and when you use the feeder when fishing on zakidushki best suited powdery multicomponent mixture. This files most often for their manufacturing:

  • cereals (corn, peas, millet, barley, wheat , etc.);
  • meal or roasted sunflower seeds;
  • rice cracker;
  • milk;
  • cheese;
  • animals components bloodworms, maggots, chopped worm, bone meal, chopped fish.

To cook some simple bait for carp fishing at zakidushku, which is suitable for molding of balls, and clogging in the feeder, you need to mix:

  • rice milled biscuit, or confectionery (biscuits, cakes, sponge cake, and the like) – from 40 to 50%;
  • ground roasted sunflower seeds or cake from 10 to 15%;
  • bran, feed or barley grits – from 10 to 15%;
  • semolina – 10%;
  • ground Hercules – from 5 to 10%;
  • corn grits or flour from 5 to 10%.

Also, that mix you can add about 20-30% of the purchase of bait for carp or other white fish.

Bait for carp and karacak to prepare the bait for carp with their hands

Fishing technique

In the technique of carp fishing on zakidushki there is nothing difficult, but you need to practice to get the hand.

After the place is chosen, it is necessary to reel from the reel should the amount of fishing line, put it on the Bank rings, then flip over so that it was possible to make a casting, not complicated tooling.

Then it is necessary to undertake basic scaffold, spin it and throw a snap. If fishing takes place on small distances, you can do a pendulum cast.

Next line should be fixed (e.g. stuck in the ground the peg) and put a bite alarm (usually a bell).

After a take , you need to remove the indicator, to make the trip and to get carp on the Bank.


  • For fishing on zakidushki can use disposable stakes. They are easy to make from littoral trees. Enough to make this stick on top of the blade to hold the line. Another option is to prepare a reusable pegs, which can be carry
  • With the active fishing for carp and carp on zakidushki, which involves hooking and fighting the fish trophies, perezapisi better to do not less than once per hour, even if there are no bites.

Useful video

Catching huge carp on zakidushku.

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