How to fish on the Ob after September 21

With rare exceptions, at this time the Ob falls into its lowest, let us call it “winter” level. However, the water temperature is still high, closer to summer. Daylight hours become short and the fish tries to use it fully. She has not yet gone to winter places, but she understands that something is wrong. It is on these dates (September 22,24,26) that the autumn “movement” begins. Pike perch ceases to be only at night, and at the end of September-October it can be caught all day. Basically in October, at first, the morning still “rules”. What we have? A fish that is active during the day, which stands and is still caught at summer depths. This is the VASKHNILovskaya ridge, and the stones opposite the city beach, and the transshipment site heaped with logs, and the Zaeltsovskaya shallow waters, and everything that looks like them. There are many similar places on low water. Only at this time, the most effective feed is a bakulka, a short leash with a 6 grams head, and a killer vibrotail 5-6 cm long. Mother-of-pearl with a dark back and “herbal green” work well in color.

The most important thing here is to decide on the length of the leash. The sinker floats over solid stones and logs. The head sinks directly into the catchy layer, but goes over the toes. Usually it is 0.8-1.5 m. Once the optimal length of the leash was 45 cm. The boat stood at a depth with the current, threw it behind a visually visible stone wall behind which two streams converged in ripples. Between them, there was a mirror surface with a small depth in a triangle. Throwing on the surface, pecked at once: ide and pike perch mixed. Through a stone wall, he pulled them out into a stream with depth, and then as usual: playing, sometimes landing net. Everything happens either from the boat or outside. A low autumn level with a riding weight and a short leash makes almost all previously dead toes accessible.

Zbyshek and the autumn catch.

Good luck to all!

Respectfully yours, Sergey Shatalov.

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