How to cook semolina for fishing – simple ways

To cook semolina for fishing can any avid fisherman, because so often it can help when the fish are not biting other lures. Particularly well the inhabitants of the rivers eat semolina in the hottest summer days. Such a hydraulic nozzle at the same time very strong and gentle, as it has a rather plastic texture and well kept on the hook. It is useful to know how to cook semolina for fishing, and for beginners. And if fishing is on the cake does not interest you, you can try to catch the clumps of semolina. How to cook semolina for fishing, there are several.

But how to cook semolina on a fishing trip?

Prepare semolina for fishing — best on the eyes. To do this, pour water in a saucepan and bring to the boil. When the water boils, sprinkle a thin stream of semolina, simultaneously preventing it in boiling water with a spoon. When you get a homogeneous mass with constant stirring, remove from heat the pan, not stopping to disturb the contents. Semolina very quickly absorb water, so you need to ensure that all grains were saturated with it, and was not formed dry lumps. Then place the lid on and wrap a warm scarf or towel, let it stand 20-30 minutes to complete swelling. Then you need to wait until the semolina has cooled so that you can keep it in his hands (however, it should still be hot), then you need some promisit and add a few drops of fragrant oil.

Do the nozzle tastier

You can also split the swollen semolina into pieces and each of them add different flavors and different oil, it is not known what flavor this one will attract fish, her tastes change very often. The resulting balls of bait for fishing of the monkey have to lay on plastic bags. Now you can go fishing.

However, some fishermen do otherwise, and they lure turns out no worse. To cook semolina for fishing first you need to take an empty matchbox and very tightly fill it with semolina (you can add flavoring or attractant).

Always remember, before, when going to add flavor, consider what fish you want to fish, as each fish has its own taste preferences. For example, if you want to catch Podlaska — add a little vanilla, but if carp is just a little bit of garlic juice.

Then, close the boxes and wrap its threads on all sides. Then lower it into the boiling water and cook for about an hour. Then take a box, cool it and remove from it the semolina. Get you have a small block that is very easy to cut with a knife in several portions required for fish values. To rip the hook such nozzle can not even strong current. The latter method is rather unusual, however questions on the topic of how to cook semolina for fishing, you will not have.

There is another way to cook semolina for fishing. Take the sock and pour into it semolina. Then you need to tie a stocking to the faucet under running water to wash the semolina. Soon you’ll get something more like that on the rump, and rubber. Nozzle ready.

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