How to cook salmon fish?

In Turkic Balik means fish. Therefore, all products that are called Balik means fish dish. This dish can be prepared from different commercial fish species. Such breeds have differences on fat content, which gives the salmon a delicate flavour. Before, when someone said the word salmon, had in mind a delicacy, and in our time, the word lost this meaning. However, now this treat is available to many, not just high society, enjoying spetsmagazinah.

Prepare sandwiches of sturgeon

Today, when the markets offer a variety of fish species, sturgeon can do it yourself at home. Because it is not very difficult technology. You can make a balyk, ASP, silver carp, carp, pike. The heavier and thicker the salmon, the better it is appreciated. That will be healthier and tastier for Breakfast than a well-made sandwich with a ham. Make it very simple. Let’s look at cooking salmon from different types of fish.

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  • Cooking salmon carp
  • Salmon, prepared with ASP
  • Salmon from the carp
  • Recipe salmon pike

Cooking salmon carp

Take fresh carp weighing more than 7 kg. clean Fish from the scales, open her abdomen, remove the entrails, wipe efficiently the abdominal cavity, SNiP the tail and head. Prepared in a similar way carcass carp have to separate large bones and spine. Received half the carcass cut into pieces with a thickness of 6-7 cm, wash with water, wipe off the salt, lay the pieces in a bowl, skin down. After that salt dry method. Carp put the yoke cover, and determine in a cold place. Salted fish soak 5 to 7 days.

Soak the carp in the water after salting to reduce the amount of salt. After the fish will get wet, you must give water to drain, tie the slices with twine and hang in a cool, well-ventilated place. To pieces became shiny and smooth, they must be pressed. After three or four days after the start begins to wilt, put them under the yoke, and then again hang. After about 10 – 15 days salmon carp is ready. Also, to improve the taste of the salmon, before rubbing the pieces with salt, sprinkle with sugar. The layers are stacked in an enamel bowl sprinkle fish with salt without sugar.

Delicious salmon carp
Salmon, prepared with ASP

Chub is a fish, the most suitable for salmon and salting. The best salmon possible from a fish weighing 1 — 3 kg, also in the autumn. Small specimens of sturgeon not suitable.

The fish must be cut (Plastal). Durable and with a sharp knife carefully cut the back of the fish along the backbone from head to tail, when working try not to damage the belly, and then all the fat will drain.

Cut one side of the ribs from the spinal column and deployed into two halves. Gently remove the intestines, in order not to damage the bile. The backbone may optionally be cut, or leave. Then remove the gills, wash the fish blood and pour salt. Use coarse salt, but not iodized. Salted fish leave for 8-12 hours in a cool place (depends on the weight of the fish).

When salting the fish in a brine, add spices (e.g., seasoning for fish), it has all the right components. To determine the concentration of salt in solution (brine) you need a raw potato in there to drop it to sink should not.

ASP then washed of excess salt and soak. Fish weighing 3 kg soak for approximately 60 min; 1 kg is about 120 minutes. In late autumn the fish can be done over salted, in the hottest period of time of soaking is reduced. Next fish is hooked, so the water gone, and she needs to dry out a bit. Necessarily (flies, wasps) tie vinegar soaked gauze. To speed up the drying process maybe the air flow from the fan.

In slightly dried up Chub bed some dill inside, you can still put the cut garlic clove, it is a good preservative. Next day the fish put into the fridge or a cool place, wrapped with parchment paper or cotton cloth. On the night, putting the brace post to the wind. On the day, remove again in the fridge. Dry salted fish a day for an hour put in the sun, so the ASP has orialsa fat. Now salmon can be used in food.

Mouthwatering salmon from the fish
Salmon from the carp

We caught the fish we take out gently, without damaging the gall bladder intestines. Scales and spines are removed. Detachable head and flush. Then cut off the tail and abdomen. The abdomen should be cut off on the arc, so that the slice thickness along the entire length were almost the same. Then cut the fish fairly thick chunks, about the same thickness, not less than two inches. If the pieces will be thin, then they will dry, and very thick in the middle will start to turn sour.

Take a large enough capacity so that the fish fit in 2-3 layers, but not aluminum!!! Stainless, ceramic or enameled pot. Mix salt with sugar, keeping the specified proportion (10 tablespoons salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar in 1 kg. of fish, put spices to taste) on the bottom evenly pour this mixture. On the top tightly to each other put the pieces of fish, immediately sprinkling them with salt. Tail fins and bellies, put the top skin down. Now tightly cover the top of the wooden circle and put the yoke. Leave for six days in the refrigerator.

Fish let the juice, a brine is a strong solution of salt and juice. Pulling out of the fridge, wash the fish under running water and wash off excess salt. Then hang it on a sturdy cord, draught, wrap fish in cheesecloth, pre-States accidentally wetting the gauze with vinegar. After 2-3 days, salmon can be consumed.

Salmon, prepared from silver carp

The willingness of salmon to check if it is elastic, and when pressed on has not been allocated to the moisture, and just have fat fingers.

Recipe salmon pike

And so it started. Pike must be fresh, otherwise it does not proselytise. Pike cut off the head and gutting. Scales clean is not necessary. The fish is not washed. Next, cut it along the spine to the tail, make incisions all over the body without damaging the skin. The incisions necessary for better penetration of salt in fish. Then take coarse salt, and lightly, evenly pour the fish with salt. If your pike is quite large, then a small amount of salt placed in the incisions. There’s no need to overdo it. If the pike salt will not be enough — the salmon will disappear If on the contrary a lot — it will be extremely salty. Salted salmon must be soaked in water. Then put the fish meat to the meat and put backs down in a plastic or enameled pot. Now. Should rest for about twenty minutes.

Very tasty salmon pike

Then, hang the carcass in the form of a cut hooks by the tail in the street, well ventilated, and protected from flies. Carcasses of the fish have already a little dry and weather-beaten, dry, remove and go to the kitchen. Let others waiting for their turn. Open the oven and on the grill put the fish carcass in an expanded form, with scales on the bottom. Turn on the gas and close the door. Although not close tightly.

Maintain centimeter gap, put something fireproof between the oven and the door. Include a hood over the stove. The hood is needed for two reasons. The first reason — without it, your kitchen will quickly turn into a sauna (to be hot). The second reason is the chances are going to choke on the saliva, the smell of salmon, which is being prepared. All! left to wait. It is about five hours or nine, depends on the size of carcasses and heat in the oven. When the meat on the fish carcasses will become yellowish color is your salmon is ready!

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