How to choose the right clothing for fishing

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  • Thermoactive membrane
  • Additional functions of clothing
  • Winter clothes
  • The spinning or “coast” flyfishing
  • Spring clothes
  • Summer clothing
    • Spinnings
      • Lovers of bottom fishing
        • Autumn clothing

Weather — windy, Sunny, rainy, frosty — impacts to the angler is particularly strong, because the angler for a long time while the outdoor area is constantly under the influence of many meteorological factors. Whatever the weather, summer or winter, angler sweats because commits any of the acts warming up the muscles catches on spinning, going in, working the oars, preparing the bait; often it is warmed up full of emotion fish fish. Wet body freeze faster in the cold, wind or under cold rain, so a fisherman should wear clothing that maintains the proper body temperature and wicks away the excess moisture.

Thermoactive membrane

The best solution is the use of special clothing, designed to perform a specific role in the body of the fisherman: temperature control of a body or part thereof, adjusting the moisture content of the skin by draining the excess moisture and ensure proper ventilation. These functions also have socks, shoes, hats, and gloves, so going on a fishing trip, don’t forget about these garments.

Additional functions of clothing

Many producers are improving the range, giving their products more functions, for example:

  • Elasticity is a very important property of clothing for a constantly moving person.
  • The bactericidal effect is a very useful addition for the angler who spends in the tent for a few days and is rubber shoes.
  • Increased reliability — increased wear resistance plays an important role for the angler, pirouetting through the forest, dense thickets along riverbanks, creeping to the Parking lot fish crawling or creeping.
  • Aesthetics. Many anglers want to dress with taste — it affects their health.
  • Comfortable fit and strategically placed pockets with waterproof zippers practical fishing and determine the demand for this clothing.
  • Winter clothes

    The angler involved in ice fishing, needs to care not only about the thermal comfort of the body, but also about the safety in case of break the ice. Here is a suitable outfit for him:

  • Fleece jacket with lifesaving function, that is, it will not allow the fisherman to drown if the ice beneath him breaks, and will protect the body from rapid freezing.
  • Winter thermal underwear.
  • A cap of Gore-Tex.
  • Gloves neoprene function protect your toes.
  • Waterproof boots for winter. It can be a special membrane shoes or boots are made from polyurethane with extra warm inserts.
  • Fan of bottom fishing from the shore can choose a jumpsuit of one or two parts. The angler who goes to the fishing spot on a difficult route, need to purchase a suit made of breathable material so the clothes don’t get wet from the sweat, and the body is not overheated. The rest of the clothes are the same as for the ice angler.

    The spinning or “coast” flyfishing

  • Lightweight, breathable short jacket.
  • Sweatshirt from Polartec.
  • Thick and thermo winter underwear.
  • Gloves and hat from Polartec or Gore-Tex. At the time of the thaw, snow is best cap from Gore-Tex, which is waterproof and windproof.
  • Spring clothes

    Spring weather can surprise raising or lowering temperature, to which the angler needs to react quickly, otherwise he’ll freeze or overheat.

    Fishing in the early spring need to wear:

  • Autumn thermo underwear (shirt and pants).
  • Hoodie from Polartec and autumn or summer jacket made of a membrane material.
  • The jacket needs to be a 3D hood that you can put on the head of a summer cap with a visor.
  • Waterproof bib with expandable legs for donning rubber boots.
  • Waterproof membrane boots or warm boots (for example, of polyurethane), preferably with non-slip and patented self-cleaning sole.
  • Summer clothing

    This time of year is difficult for the angler because of the heat, frequent precipitation, high and wet grass on the banks on the place of fishing, which wets pants and shoes. Choosing clothes, it is necessary to remember about these factors. Below are the recommendations.


  • Summer underwear with antibacterial function.
  • The long-sleeved shirt, thermo, quick-drying.
  • Vest with back mesh.
  • Thermo cap with a wide visor and neck protection (well suited for hot weather).
  • Needed thermo-active quick-dry pants.
  • Spinning waterproof jacket for fishing in the rain.
  • For fishing from shore wear shoes with non-slip soles, preferably waterproof.
  • Lovers of bottom fishing

  • Summer underwear with antibacterial function.
  • The long-sleeved shirt, thermo, quick-drying.
  • Thermo cap with a wide visor and neck protection (well suited for hot weather).
  • Quick-drying pants, easily passing air.
  • For fishing from shore wear shoes with non-slip soles or rubber boots (if muddy banks).
  • Waterproof jacket with a hood; her take on the case of rain or lower temperatures (e.g. at night).
  • Autumn clothing

    Autumn weather is unpredictable, so clothes for fishing is often a combination of summer and fall clothing. Excluding extreme weather changes, you can choose from three models choice of clothing:

  • Early autumn — wear summer clothes.
  • Late autumn — wear autumn clothes.
  • Early winter — wear winter underwear and autumn outerwear.
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