How to choose a winter fishing rod for jig fishing

Sooner or later, every novice ice fishing enthusiast faces the problem of choosing his first ice fishing rod. And, having come to a modern fishing shop, a beginner will simply be lost from the abundance of ice fishing rods offered by manufacturers. And in order to assemble his first set for ice fishing, he must completely trust the seller. It’s good if you come across a professional and competently help you acquire what you really need. But very often you can run into a specific huckster who will sell you in full and snatch some nonsense.

There are a lot of options for winter fishing rods, ranging from the simplest balalaikas to super sophisticated expensive ones, with carbon whips, lightweight body material, super smooth reel travel and finely tuned drag. The last version of the fishing rod is almost ideal and it is perfect for an athlete angler who is going to fish on the thinnest lines, 0.05-0.06 millimeters in diameter, who will be able to appreciate all the advantages of this rod, understanding what he pays money for.

A beginner, due to lack of experience, will not be able to fully enjoy all the advantages of sophisticated fishing rods, since he simply has nothing to compare with. Therefore, if you are just going to master winter fishing, then I would not advise you to immediately take the perfect version of the fishing rod with all the stocks removed. Why, you ask? Why can’t you immediately take a modified fishing rod and immediately enjoy fishing? As for me, this is not the most important thing for a beginner. The main thing is to understand what winter fishing is all about, to visit at least once on the ice in a company with experienced “penguins”. Stock up on good and warm clothes and shoes to make you comfortable and not to be distracted from the fishing itself.

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Tips for beginners: How to choose a winter fishing rod for jig fishing

Therefore, the usual balalaika is enough for the first exit. It is much more important to equip it correctly. What line to reel? What diameter and how many meters? What nod to put? Which jig to choose? Without the absence of at least minimal experience, you cannot answer these questions yourself. This means that you cannot achieve the desired result, not catch your first fish from the ice …

Therefore, in the video, Evgeny Atrakhimovich (gold and silver medalist of the World Ice Fishing Championship as part of a team, three-time champion of Belarus in ice fishing with a jig, both as part of a team and in individual competition) tried to explain on his fingers how to choose the first winter fishing rod and how to properly equip it. This material is just for a beginner who will help you understand the range of offered winter fishing rods, nods and jigs, buy what you really need and not get hooked by an unscrupulous seller.