How to catch trout on spinning and where to find the fish

Trout there are several species of freshwater fish of the salmon family. A rainbow, brown, marble, gold, depending on the habitats of Arizona, Sevan trout, Biwa… Fish is found in ponds with cool, clear water in the mountain rivers. In rainbow specimens — silver belly, greenish back (rainbow stripe from green to orange color runs throughout its length), all of it, and the body and fins, dark specks. Found in many countries.

The marsh and brook trout all over the body with dark spots, with white and red rims, also called the speckled hen. Brown trout caught in the clear waters of Algeria, Tunisia, European countries and Russia.

Marble is so called because of the marble. It is rarely grown for food and sport fishing promotes respect for the fish. Sevan trout is on the verge of extinction.


Living in rivers, lakes and trout call the river. In nature there are forms of communicating, then it can be found in the sea. Trout are very plastic to the external environment. Using its easy adaptation to salt water, fish farms and paid waters, the fish at a certain age transplanted from fresh water to salt. The water of the Black sea fits her without adjustment. She is very sensitive to water pollution. Also photosensitive, the reservoirs hiding behind driftwood, rocks, looking for the shadow. The water is held closer to the surface to gulp air.

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