How to catch bream on a winter’s night

The most “delicious” schools of bream come out at night to feed, so the night is more likely to catch large specimens.

In many places, winter ‘s day large bream are not biting.

The contents

  • Site selection and search of bream night
  • Conditions catching bream in the winter night
  • Tent for night fishing for bream
  • The specifics of the night catching bream in winter
  • Winter bait
  • Tackle for bream night
  • Useful video

Site selection and search of bream night

Bream generally lives in areas with an average over. This fish loves pits, piles, drop offs. Winter is trying to crawl to the bottom, where it’s warmer, so you can catch him not so easy.

Most often in the winter bream inhabits deep areas with a hard bottom, covered with some layer of silt. According to most fishermen, the highest concentration of shoals of this fish may be in the forms of the relief, which are called “tables”.

Also flocks of this fish are often in deep holes near steep banks, at pools, in the upper edge of channel ditches. There could be flocks on a regular basis.

In the afternoon you can look for the pack in the pits, and night the wells it is necessary to drill somewhere nearby, and it is necessary to look at shallower depths. If fishing is conducted in a large flow-through reservoirs or lakes, then there are more suitable places can be the near-bottom layers at depths of 6-7 metres, where there are some piles of driftwood and logs, as well as near large single stones, pit, mounds, irrigation with a water depth of 5-6 meters.

Conditions catching bream in the winter night

Usually, every promising place drilled a few holes, made bait, and then (20 minutes later) try the fishing. If the bite is not, then try another place. Periodically, different points can be further lure and check again.

But even if the first test was successful, it is not necessary to think that found a good fishing spot. The pack can be moved and will have to check out the other tame hole.

The bait can be done using the trough, and just throwing the mixture in water. Simultaneously with the bait you can set up a tent . Yet to install the tent and settle the place, the bait will do the trick.

As bait is commonly used “classic” — bream fishing at night in the winter bloodworms. You can fish on a jig .

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Tent for night fishing for bream

The tent is better to install in the evening at sunset. Often used the tent without a bottom, but there are models with a floor of polyurethane, which already prepared the holes for drilling holes.

Many go fishing without a tent, but this is only possible in favorable weather.

Also need to have high chairs, special fishing box , tiles for boiling water. Some anglers bring camping gas stove.

Required lighting. Better flashlights, including a headlamp. There are flashlights with a connection to the car battery. In the tent you can use regular candles, but they give a dim light.

The specifics of the night catching bream in winter

A key factor of success in bream fishing in winter is the right choice and find places in which the fish will look for food.

Large fish suitable for bait immediately. You can take all night, with a catch in the form of small fish, and only towards the morning will start to peck the larger specimens. This happens quite often — with a good bite in the winter night is in the early morning hours.

But it may be that with the dawn of a desirable catch and will not work. I continue to sit near these holes, or leave it in another place – that is the eternal question that has plagued everyone, even the most experienced angler. But even if to leave, then just leave the first point is not recommended. Can periodically return to it again and seek his fortune.

Well, if the points known in advance. Many do come to those places that have already been tested.

Where to find a large flock – a definite answer to this question is no. The most common places of feeding bream are changed within a few hours. In the evening a flock may be in one place and night in another. It is important to know the approximate habitat of this fish. Somewhere far away from their permanent places in the winter the fish go will not be. So the first recommendation here is to try to find already tested place.

On an unfamiliar body of water preferably in the daytime to carefully study the bottom topography. In our time there are many technical devices – sonars , etc.

The way flocks of bream in the winter the reservoir is very long. You can go in shallow water of 2-3 meters, away from the pits. Thus it happens in the spring.

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Equipment must be very reliable and durable. Bait (bloodworms) is lowered to the bottom of the reservoir. You can catch and on winter fishing rod with a float .

When night fishing is especially important signalling bites. Many people use special signaling Crossbow. The tent needs to be completely quiet.

Often there is a bite under the open sky is much better than a tent.

If a good bite in the tent after some time the activity of the fish begins to decline, it is recommended to immediately start the search for luck in other wells that are nearby, while flocks of bream not gone far.

Important. When the fish gets the hook, he starts to resist violently – trying to get away, rushing circles, can catch those tackles that are close (in adjacent wells). In this regard, it is recommended to drill wells at a distance that will allow you to catch fish without too much hassle – at least 30 cm When a bream on the hook raised to the ice , do not try to take his hands, it is better to use a special sharpened bagorik.
Winter bait

It is also this element of fishing, which is not so easy to guess. Most often, the most effective is the live bloodworms. But to have an adequate supply of live bloodworms are expensive. So typically, fishermen using vegetable mixture. But they also need to add at least a little larvae.

Used poor bloodworm mix (flavored porridge). Bloodworms are only needed for smell, in the amount of 2-3 g per feeder.

Primary bait:

  • the usual bait for fishing “peaceful” fish, about 500 g;
  • chopped roasted sunflower seeds;
  • about 200 g of steamed millet.

If a small fish is not very active, the proportion of bloodworms in the total mass can be increased. It will attract bream and will keep it in the right place. Possible number of Joker should be in the ratio of 1:1 to the rest of the mix.

Some anglers use the bait saturated with the attractant. This kind of treat, profusely thrown into the hole, may be collected all fish not just bream. And then the catch will be rich and varied.

But other fishermen do not approve of this kind of bait. Attractant is a flavoring. They are expensive and their use is irrational.

The bait is best done in 3 stages. First, you need to the bottom of the lower trough with the bulk. Then make a small lure. Then you can take a bit of semolina, moisten with water and pour into the hole.


Food of animal origin can be hidden under a layer of plant components. In this form of food is lowered into the trough at the bottom. Larger specimens can easily find small red worms under a layer of crackers and other food, a small fish can not cope with this.

Important. Lower the feeder is better the evening, several feeders at one point. The night is not recommended, because you can scare away the accumulated swarms of fish.
Tackle for bream night

Can be several variants of gear for catching bream at night in the winter. This can be, for example, the usual winter rod standard. It is better to catch on a Donk, although many are caught on a conventional rod with a float. You may need a feeder.

Several types of equipment:

  • classic – a nod, fishing line and jig;
  • bite alarm, fishing line and hook;
  • snap-in with set of hooks, the “packets”;
  • float, fishing line and hook.

Sometimes used winter fishing rod with a bell.

Of all types of jigs are more efficient are considered to be the “devil” and “garland”. The use of “garland” implies the use of nozzles, so the fishing will be without the game.

Spinning must be hard, the hooks must be large. A mistake many novice fishermen their experienced colleagues believe the use of a large number of additional hooks. It is impractical because it is unlikely every hook gets the fish, and if so, to pull out of the hole a whole “bunch” of bream would be virtually impossible.

Night snap-in is not different from daytime. If the calculation is done on large animals, it needs to be reliable. Often bream caught on a thick fishing line, especially on large rivers with strong current.

For fishing on the course will suit the winter donkey (“combine”, “pokatok”, “helicopter”).

When night fishing it is recommended to experiment with accessories. As vegetable oil OK “pea mastyrka” or “semolina Prater Park”. In the bottom of the taste preferences of fish of the same species can be different.

Useful video

Night fishing for bream in winter, with the tent in the video below: