How to catch bass in winter on rattlin

Rattlin is the kind of luresthat have the loop for attaching the hook located in the front of the lure and on the back. It provides a special game lure. They are used for fishing spinning reel in casting and for fishing in a plumb – in summer or winter with ice .

If you catch a predator, they should definitely add to your Arsenal along with the spinners and balancers. Then your catches will increase significantly. Rattlin in the winter – primarily pike and Zander bait. But they show themselves well and for perch, especially large ones.

The contents

  • Details and features
  • Selection of fishing rods
  • Snap-in rods
  • Best winter rattlin on a perch
    • Srike Pro Rattlin Baby
    • Strike Pro Flap Jack
    • Strike Pro Flatt Shad
    • Owner Cultiva Mira Vibe
    • Rapala Rattlin
  • Tactics the winter perch fishing on rattlin
  • The technique
  • Useful video

Details and features

Rattlin playing in the water softer lures and balancers. So they will be a great addition to these lures. Rattlin often allow you to seduce a passive bass, which does not respond to the rockers and spinners.

An interesting feature of many lures of this class is that they are equipped with sound systems. Inside the case of such rattling is a metal ball, which is actively knocking when posting.

On the one hand, the noise attracts perch who hears it even from a distance. Also lure with a sound effect more aggressive provokes predator for attack. On the other hand, in some situations, the noise may not attract, but scare away the bass – it depends on the mood of the fish. Therefore, it is best to add to your Arsenal, and noise, and a “quiet” lure, so you can alternate them and determine which work best.

Please note! Manufacturers of fishing lures produced summer and winter ratline.

The first is intended for fishing spinning in the casting, the second – for fishing in a plumb. All winter rattlin go far to the side on a harness when fishing for them off the ice. From summer patterns for winter fishing you can use those that have a similar game. If rattlin summer, when fishing from the ice moving up and down and almost does not yaw from side to side, it is better to use only for spinning.

On the back of some rattling is from 2-3 eyelet for attaching a fishing line. Rearranging the rifle, which clings Wobbler, from one to another, it is possible to change its game.

Selection of fishing rods

For perch in the winter on ratline will fit the most common bait for trolling. It is better to use a quite tiny variants of this tackle to match the fish.

Optimal design of this fishing rod:

  • spinning a length of 30-40 mm with comfortable handle made of cork or foam – light and “warm” materials that are not cold hands on the cold;
  • swift or lightweight inertial reel, which is a scaffold;
  • as the main fishing line – monofilament of small diameter, and 0.15-0.2 mm.

You can use more powerful rods, with bezynertsionnymi or multipliers, or lighter mormyshek, but it’s not as convenient.

Snap-in rods

Monofilament have quite a lot of advantages that make it the best kind of fishing line for perch on rattlin winter:

  • it is inexpensive;
  • monofilament is transparent, so not visible in the water as braid – this is important when fishing for perch, whose well-developed vision;
  • of monofil good stretches and absorbs jerks fish on the hook – whale weak lips that are easily torn, so this feature is very useful;
  • unlike braided line, monofilament not frosting in the cold.
  • Redfish is small, and fishing line for fishing is necessary to use the appropriate. Monofil of diameter 0.1-0.2 mm (specific diameter matched to the size of fish) would be sufficient.

    Please note! The thinner fishing line, the less resistance it has to water.

    Thus when fishing with threads of a small diameter of the lure have more freedom and play much better. So you should avoid the thick woods. This rule is true not only for fishing rattlin, but also for fishing with the balance weights, lures and jigs .

    Best winter rattlin on a perch
    Srike Pro Rattlin Baby

    Miniature rattlin, which at a length of just 2.5 cm weighs 1.8 g. At this size bait is perfect for fishing ice perch of any size – from small whales to Humpbacks captured. On the abdomen of the lure tee is one of the company Owner. Despite the low price, the lure is very high quality and shows excellent game. In addition to fishing from the ice it is well suited for fishing on the same perch in a throw in the summer.

    The price of this lure – from 200 rubles.

    Strike Pro Flap Jack

    Wobbler typical rattlin shapes – with high, flattened laterally body. To hunt for perch will fit versions with a length of 40 and 60 mm. an Interesting feature of this bait is that on the back located just 2 off the line. Catching bait for that, or the other mount, it is possible to change the game, it increases the chances of successful fishing.

    Price for version 40 mm – from 300 rubles.

    Strike Pro Flatt Shad

    Rattling interesting form of the famous French company. Stands out from the bulk of the baits in this class with its rounded shapes according to their appearance, this lure is more like real food objects perch. Available in multiple sizes for perch ice suitable versions with a length of 35, 42 and 66 mm.

    Price for, rattlin length of 35 mm from 400 rubles.

    Owner Cultiva Mira Vibe

    Quite a large lure with a length of 60 mm, which is good for catching trophy bass in the winter. Also there are chances that they will be interested in medium or even small pinstripes, especially on the first ice, when the fish are active and her belly is not filled with cream and caviar. Like all baits from the Owner of this rattlin made with excellent quality, on its sides there are notches that simulate the scales, it looks very realistic.

    Price – 550 rubles Wobbler with a length of 60 mm.

    Rapala Rattlin

    The legendary lure from the legendary Finnish company, which began the history of rattlerow. This lure is available in four sizes. Perch fishing in winter will suit the miniature version with a length of 40 mm, which weighs 6 g. to hunt For minke whales is larger, you can use Rattlin Rapala in size 60 mm weight 11 g. This bait also works well for pike, perch and any other predator that remains active under the ice.

    Is this bait from 600 rubles for the version with a length of 40 mm.

    Tactics the winter perch fishing on rattlin

    There are two main options tactics hunting perch with ratline:

  • Search. Well suited for cases where the water area you are aware of the bad as well as for situations when bass are active. This tactic involves drilling large number of holes. Each well need quickly to sh, and then move on to the next place.
  • The harvest of promising points. With such tactics it is possible to drill small holes in a number of interesting points, and then carefully to sh them. After the desired number of holes drilled in the ice, to get around them in a circle, thus checking each of them several times in one fishing trip. Such tactics work if the pond is well-known, as well as in cases when the bass is passive and is in no hurry to attack him rattlin offer.
  • The technique

    Underlying the technique when fishing for perch on ratline looks like this:

    • it is necessary to lower the bait into the water to the desired horizon;
    • to make a fast but smooth swing of the spinning, and then lower it to the starting position;
    • to pause and repeat the stroke.

    The amplitude of the wave when fishing ratline winter can be 20-50 cm. When hunting for bass use short strokes, not more than 30 cm.

    Important! Lower the rod to its original position after the stroke slowly. Do not dramatically drop down as is done when fishing on blesny or balance weights. With the rapid lowering of the probability of overlap tee rattlin the line. Better keep the rod down so that the thread remains taut.

    The horizon, on which the game takes place a bait can be anything. Sometimes the bass are holding near the bottom, sometimes itology, and some days it’s worth and at the surface. To choose the best horizon for fishing is whenever going fishing experimentally.

    If the task is to collect a perch under the hole, you can apply a more aggressive game – high spinning with a large amplitude without interruption. After the animation you can go to podbrey to a lower altitude, keeping a break between them. Another option is to constantly alternate between these two types of games.

    To perch bite better during a pause you can do a little jiggling or twitching a spinning, animating balancer. This simple technique allows you to awaken the interest of the fish that does not want to attack, to ratline.

    Thus, in perch fishing on rattlin winter is no big deal. This trip is available to everyone. There are inexpensive models rattling, and a lot of money on the preparation of the Arsenal of baits to spend optional. Tackle for fishing on ratline will fit almost any. The technique of these crankbaits like playing balancers and spinners, but has some differences. To master it, even a beginner can. If done correctly, bass will definitely appreciate your efforts and will give you a good bite.

    Useful video

    How to catch ratline in this video:

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