How to catch a lot of fish with wobblers? FAST AND EFFICIENTLY THREE SPINNINGS FOR BASS

This cunning method of fishing is not known to all athletes, and those who know, have always been silent about it. We are sharing the secret of how to catch a lot of fish quickly and efficiently. This fishing tactic is very common in competition, but it will also help you catch a lot of bass.

Quite often, during a simple fishing, you can swim all day and not see a single bite, and the exit of the perch is very short, 20-30 minutes and that’s it, silence again. All these precious minutes should be used as efficiently as possible.

On all fishing trips, especially when fishing in a boat, you need to have 2-3 spinning rods equipped with different tests and lures.

Because in our case, the perch was pitched, so these were the following sets:

spinning Akara Teuri ULS, test 0.6-7 gr and popper Akara Dart 50f weighing 4 grams; spinning Akara Teuri MLS, test 5.5-17.5 gr. and Volker Akara Fop 85F weighing 12 grams, spinning Surf Master Wizard MF, test 5.5-17.5 grams. and popper Akara Tusk 80F weighing 15 grams

Why so many spinning rods? If you suddenly cut off the bait, it is better to quickly take another tackle so as not to waste time on bandaging. Also, if you are wiring, and somewhere behind your back a perch starts to dig, then you can quickly grab the second spinning rod so as not to waste time again. And thirdly, a quick change of lures, from a long distance with a large popper you can pull the fish to the boat and when it stops pecking, quickly take a spinning rod with a small popper and top up the striped robber.

Such tactics can also be useful in competitions, only there is one difference, the bait must be quickly exhausted and not left in the water.

Thus, we managed to catch a lot of fish as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Amanda K. Benson

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