How to apply the registration number and symbols on the boat with your own hands.

I must say right away that I am not a happy fisherman with a motor boat or boat. In 2016, my brother and his son from the Moscow region bought a plastic boat "Neptun – 500" for recreation and fishing. Because He knew that when I was a student I worked on boats, he asked me a question: how to put the registration number and name on board the boat? I invited him to make images in any advertising company in his city from a special, self-adhesive film and apply the number and symbolism with his own hands. And I, for my part, will draw them in the Corel DRAW program (all advertisers work in this program). His task is to come up with a name for the boat and tell me the number.

Then I found a suitable photo of the boat on the Internet. There she is.

The brother wanted three Latin letters SVS — the first letters of the names of his, son, and grandson — on board the boat. In Corel DRAW, he separated the image of the boat from the background of the photo, moved the boat to a black background, came up with graphics of symbols and numbers and put it on the boat. I tried to make the graphics simple, monochrome. The layout was transferred to the usual jpg photo format and sent to his brother.

He chose the blue option. After that, I separated the graphics with the number and symbols and, knowing the length of the boat, scaled them in full size and wrote them into a Corel DRAW file, which I sent to my brother. Here is the file.

He threw it on a flash drive, found an advertising workshop in his city, took the flash drive with the file to the workshop, where he selected the type and color of the film and after half an hour of work paid, he received a small roll of film with a cut out image. I just asked how much this work cost? He replied that he didn’t remember exactly, but somewhere up to 3000 rubles. I was interested – the cost of the cut out image, along with film and work in the workshops, ranges from 700 rubles to 1700 rubles. So the finished registration plate on both sides measuring 1m by 20cm will cost you up to 1000 rubles. My brother and son glued the sign and symbolism on their own, for the first time in my life, without my help. I asked him to take a photo of the boat now, after 4 years of operation. Recently sent, Here it is. Sorry for the quality – you won’t turn around indoors.

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You say what kind of haemorrhoids – layout, Corel DRAW, scaling, and you are right. Below I will tell you how to easily do without it. But first, a few words about the film and advertising workshops.

This Oracal promotional film has several series depending on the operating conditions. Each series is represented by several dozens of colors right down to gold, silver, metallic, glossy or matte. I recommend using the series with the most severe operating conditions. It. Naturally, it is not afraid of water, it is very durable and is used at temperatures from -40 ° C to + 105 ° C, the service life is 8 – 10 years. It is applied with adhesive side to the substrate and stored in rolls as wallpaper. With this film, or another brand, you constantly stack on the streets of your city. All signs from the stalls to the shops are made to her. Advertising on the sides and windows of cars, trolleybuses, trams, etc. this film too. Evaluate the conditions of its operation – added abrasiveness of dirt and chemicals. exposure to exhaust fumes. But if there is advertising, there are advertising workshops that work with this film in your city. They are necessarily equipped with cutting plotters. The cutting plotter automatically, according to the Corel DRAW file, cuts only the color film along the image contour without cutting the substrate. The cut-off color image is separated from the substrate and glued to the sides of the boat. How – I will tell further. Advertising workshops will not be surprised at your order for a boat and will gladly and easily execute it, and you will put it on a boat yourself.

How to gradually produce and apply a registration number on the side of the boat?

1.Define the location of the boat number on both sides. It should be flat. Write down the possible size of the number – length and width.

2. Find an advertising company or workshop in your city, call and come to it. If there are no current orders, all the work can be done with you in 30-40 minutes.

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3.With an employee on the computer, select the font for the number. they have hundreds of them. I advise you to choose a font that is well read, straight, sans serif.

4. Decide whether you need colored text on the background of the boat or cut out in a colored rectangle (or in any suitable shape, like mine).

5. The employee will draw a number in the Corel DRAW file on both sides with the dimensions that you specify. This will take him about 5 minutes.

6. With an employee Select a series and film color. I recommend choosing contrasting tones: on the light background of the boat a dark number, on a dark – light.

7. The employee will insert a piece of your film into the cutting plotter, drop a file on it and in less than 5 minutes your number will be cut out. Your order is ready. Do not forget to ask how to put the number on the boat. They will gladly tell you, maybe even show you. The thing is not tricky. Be sure to take the mounting film (more on this later). You will carry out further work on the sticker of the number yourself by the boat.

8. Have a boat. Thoroughly clean, rinse with soap and wipe dry the area of ​​application rooms. Degrease the area, best with any alcohol.

9. A few words about the mounting film or "mounting". Nobody sticks a number or an image on a letter – it's useless, complicated and time-consuming work. Installation helps out. This is a transparent film with a weak adhesive surface. Apply the montage to the cut out image of the film, smooth it by hand. Carefully separate the montage from the color film, the cut number should remain on the montage. When detached, rarely, but may need tweezers.

10.Dilute in a glass of water a quarter of a teaspoon of washing powder. Moisten a fat-free portion of the side of the boat with this solution. This is necessary so that the mounting number does not stick crookedly and tightly at the first touch of the board.

11.Lightly attach to the board and align the wiring with the number. Carefully roll the number to the board, with this you squeeze the solution and air under the films. Remove the montage. There should be no air bubbles under the film.

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12. In 2-3 days, the microscopic residual liquid under the film will evaporate and the film will firmly stick to the side of the boat. Registration number is ready.

In the same way symbolism is applied to the boat.

Symbols may be font – a proper name for the boat, initials, abbreviation, etc. Only the font can be chosen not strict, as for the number, but artistic to your taste. Symbolism may be in the form of an image. And you don’t need to draw anything specifically. Each workshop has libraries of various designs, such as animals, flowers, patterns, etc. You only need to choose. You can type in Yandex the query "finished drawings for plotter cutting" and you will see all the variety. You will be scaled to the desired size and cut into a film. The name of the boat or design may apply to your hobby. I will give some examples:

Name the boat "Messi" or "Messi". For football fans, you don’t have to explain anything, for the uninitiated it looks like a woman’s name.

Or call the boat "Crank." Only a spinning player knows that this is a type of lure and will understand that the boat belongs to the fisherman, for the rest it looks like a man’s name.

Place the image of a fish, or even a float, on the boat, or name the boat, for example, "Katran".

I saw a photograph of a snow-white boat, on board of which, closer to the stern, there was a black, graceful sign of worms. Probably the owner is a fan of poker or preference.

In the 70s, there were three beautiful, home-made, identical boats on the Moscow river in my city. They were called "Athos", "Partos" and "Aramis", for some reason Dartanyan was not. Everyone liked the names very much.

And, in conclusion, it all depends on your imagination, you can make the symbolism in several colors of the film, or ask the workshop employee to come up with and draw, of course it will be more expensive.

If you have questions, write in the comments, I will try to answer.