How is the pike fishing on imitation fish in the summer

Perhaps the most common form of entertainment is fishing, because the occupation has many faces. Leisure, sport, tourism and all that lies behind the angling for fish.

A lot of people caught their first fish at a very young age, scoring a simple tackle with bread bait. Many people are satisfied with this type of fishing, but the most avid fishermen will not make bored on the shore with a homemade fishing pole waiting for fry, they are ready to fight with the strongest inhabitants of the waters.

Championship among freshwater predators worthy is the pike .

And not surprising, because the predator is endowed with all the natural data for underwater habitat and hunting. Camouflage camouflage color, arrow-shaped form that allows you to quickly move under water and do the jerks in the attack on the victim.

Sharp teeth located throughout the mouth, than do not allow the trapped victim to escape to safety.

To fight with the fish the beginner will not be too tough. Only an experienced fisherman will be able to boast a trophy, the size of which reach five feet. There are plenty of seasonal ways to pike.

Common consider: spinning , fly fishing, bottom or float tackle, vertical jigging, mugs and zherlitsa. Each of them in their effective. Consider one of the ways that will help you not simply spend time in nature, but also to take home an impressive catch.

The contents

  • Design imitation fish
  • Tactics for catching pike on the imitation fish in the summer
  • Where and how to install it
  • Cutting how to draw out
  • Live bait on the hooks under the ice
  • Summer imitation fish for pike with your hands
  • Video: pike fishing in the summer to the imitation fish

Design imitation fish

The imitation fish — tackle for catching predatory fish on live bait in winter and summer. Method is considered the most passive and most profitable. Perhaps the most ancient method of catching zhivcova. With this method, there was no need to sit and watch the fish at the river. There are two kinds of this type of gear: winter and summer. Today we consider the second option, i.e. zherlitsa for pike in the summer, how to do it and her how to fish.

Design imitation fish till our days survived almost intact. It consists of fishing line (cord) cross-shaped wound on the flyer (the slingshot), which is tied to the pole, awkwardly stuck in the ground. On a leash tied to a fishing line hook (tee or double), pushed the bait, then lowered into the water. After grip of live bait predator the pike itself podscasts.

Tactics for catching pike on the imitation fish in the summer

At first glance this method may seem less efficient. To understand more you will be able to see the benefits of fishing with imitation fish.

The tactics of each individual fisherman. Want to succeed? It is necessary to observe certain sequence of actions.

Let’s try to look at the principle is this catching the eyes of underwater creatures. Pike discovers the bait, grabs her and immediately tries to hide with the loot. Most often a hiding place for the predator serve as underwater thickets.

The cord is attached to the flyer begins to be unwound (that is what the method of winding on a flyer is selected Phillips). Pike expands and puts the prey in the jaws so that it can be easier to swallow. The size of the line will not allow the predator to go far.

The cord is stretched to the limit and created pressure self-hooking pike. If you are present in person at events, then the sweeps can spend independently. We’ll talk about it a little later and pay attention to the choice of a suitable bait fish.

Where and how to install it

Fishing success is a thorough study of the underwater world. An important factor will be to study the habitats of fish at different times of the year. When fishing with imitation fish, such knowledge is extremely necessary.

Summer is wonderful right time of year to hunt for pike. The summer period can be divided into three types of behavior pike. June will be a good catch. After cold pike does not have time to gain weight. Fish of large size is rare for June. Accordingly, the nature of the bait should match such features.

In June, the pond does not have time enough to warm up. Small fish chooses the place warmer, shallow water. Next hunts pike, which fattened a small fish.

In July, the picture cardinally changes. The water warmed and the fish moved from shallow water in the shade. Follow their prey out and pike. Often shelter from the heat becomes reeds, snags , bridges, a variety of surface or underwater structure. Wherever you can find shade. The coveted predator can be detected in areas of cold underwater keys.

By mid-summer pike starts behaving capriciously. Due to excessive heat lack of oxygen. This appears particularly picky attitude to food. The encounter takes place at dawn.

August can be safely called the most successful month for fishermen. Water slowly starting to cool and saturated with oxygen. At such moments, pike begins to feel a surge of energy accompanied by incredible hunger. Promiscuity to the bait only in the hands of fishermen.

Having defined the place of fishing it is to properly install the gear. You know, from this depends your success. The installation of imitation fish should be clear and conform to the instructions. Otherwise, you will remain without a catch.

Try to find standing water the tree, to it link bait. If the tree will not appear, it could easily replace the pole firmly set in the water. Its length should be such that enough for the depth of the reservoir.

Tree in the water can quickly soften and lose their strength, his shift comes easily plastic or metal. The pole should be set approximately at an angle of 45 degreeV. in the absence of the ability to secure it tightly, you can just put it on the water, but be sure to bind the load, performing the role of an anchor.

Next tie imitation fish horns to the water, ie “horns” imitation fish should be placed to water, and immersion. Do not have the hook and bait to drop too low to the bottom, pike sees perfectly what is happening in the water and on its surface, and easily see the bait.

With the installation of imitation fish in vegetated areas try a bit to clear it, to avoid the risk of it tangling. When you install more gear, too.

Attention. A minimum distance allowing not to get lost baits must not be less than ten meters.

Installation zherlits should focus on the night time. In the summer, hit pike on the hook happens most often after sunrise. To the morning you can test your gear.

The variant of absence Poleva even in full compliance with all these rules. Fish for a variety of reasons may leave the area. We recommend you to rearranged lures in other places keeping all the rules and regulations of the installation.

Cutting how to draw out

If you picked the right place to install and properly issued, wait for the morning catch. But the award still needs to raise to the surface. Common mistake fishermen is not the ability to strike and to draw out the fish. You have done a lot of work, and do not want to fail.

Be very careful when visiting the tackle in the morning. Pull lightly on the line itself. This method will give you comprehended, fell whether the predator on live bait. If you are feeling the typical heaviness, you will be a treasured surprise. Pike caught and sitting on the hook for a long time.

If the resistance on the part of the production is missing, the fish is tired. Start to slowly pull it to shore or to the boat. If the victim decides to fight with you, you need not worry, the bait is well swallowed and pike firmly settled on the hook.

But try not to make any sudden movements. Vyvazhivat calm, measured. When the fish is on the surface of the water or near the shore, use a landing net.

To compete with the predator you will have if you paklava been found about the imitation fish. Seizing the bait, she will begin to go into the Bush. At this point the main thing is not to hurry. Fish are still just in the jaws of the pike, but the hook is not in place. Wait a few seconds. Do not rush to strike.

Try slightly pulling on the line itself (or even a little jiggle). Such actions you tease the pike, and it will turn the bait and swallow it completely. From this point you can act more boldly. Feeling good back you can just pull the cord to hook well nadadala, and a slow but confident movements pull the pike to themselves.

Be prepared for stubborn resistance. Act slowly. The desired fish will definitely be in your hands. Should be in possession of a landing net. Take into account the size of the pike. If you decide to fish on big monsters, hard need impressive. Always easier to get the fish together.

Live bait on the hooks under the ice

An important consideration is the choice of live bait for fishing. From what size will choose the bait depends on the size of future catch.

Pike will bite the fry of these fish: perch, Rudd, crucian carp, gudgeon, eel. If we talk about dimensions, better suited to the fish of medium size. Choose the bait you need an active, moving. For the predator of interest will be such prey. Consider the possible long-term presence of bait fish under the water.

The best option to catch live bait in the same area where you are going to put imitation fish. For pike caught bait will be familiar, and the bite probability is very high. See the bait on the hook carefully. Try to show their professionalism and do not damage the vital organs of the fry (e.g. ridge). Fish needs to stay alive.

Summer imitation fish for pike with your hands

The breadth of the range in stores is designed for fishing in our time can only votergate. The abundance of products offered is very easy to get lost. Many options required imitation fish, you can easily find on the counter of one of them.

You can act differently. For the fisherman is of interest to make the tackle himself. Technology does not make you a long time on this tormented. Imitation fish can be assembled from the available tools found on the banks of the river.

The most simple way to collect imitation fish spent the least amount of money is to build it from a wooden stick resembling a slingshot. At the base of the slingshot should do a small hole to thread and secure the rope.

On the horns is also necessary to make small cuts, a maximum depth of two centimeters. It is important to secure the rope(fishing line) so that it had no opportunity to unwind yourself.

This method is more notable for the fact that slingshot could be adopted by pike per common snag, or part of the branch than not will spook her while fishing. If Rohatyn is taken for example of plastic, or other material, should be in order to disguise gives it the color of the surrounding area. Often painted in green (maybe brown). The blank is finished.

To imitation fish tightly wound fishing line, while reeling on the spear she needs to draw eight. At the end of the fishing line attached to the hook. With regards to weights, so you do not need to use depends on the depth of the reservoir. In shallow water don’t need it. The total length of the line shall not exceed fifteen metres.

After the tackle is fastened to the pole (wood) rewind four to eight feet of fishing line and cast it into the water. All your homemade zherlitsa ready.

If you follow all these rules, zherlitsa does all the work for you. Competent installation and carefully selected the location you will not only save you time, but also bring not enough production. Tackle invented by our ancestors today is the most effective way passive fishing.

A method proven over the years and generations. Try to master it and you. It is understood that if you’re drawn sport fishing, when fishing on imitation fish will miss you. The beauty is that it is possible to combine passive and active option. Successful fishing.

Video: pike fishing in the summer to the imitation fish

About how the pike fishing in the summer imitation fish in the video below:

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