How and what to catch Rotana summer?

Rotan is a fish of the order Perciformes in appearance and color similar to the representative of gobiids. Body shape is streamlined, size small (up to 25 cm). Scales usually dull medium in size. The colors in the color is dominated by grey-green and dirty-brown, in the spawning season of this fish species becomes almost black color. The head is big enough. Big mouth, has small, sharp teeth in several rows. Paired pelvic fins are small, located close to the head. Two dorsal fins, the rear slightly longer. Thoracic and caudal fin are rounded. Anal fin short and small.

Where to find the fish?

Lives in stagnant ponds and in the rivers Dnieper, Danube, Volga, Dniester, don, Irtysh, Ural, etc. Rotan adapts well to any aquatic environment (not afraid of dirt and water freezing) and survives even where other predators are killed. This fish prefers to stay in coastal areas (up to two meters deep), swim behind rocks, bushes, algae and water lilies.

Summer place for fishing, you should pay attention to all kinds of bushes: cane, algae or submerged bushes. Ideal location near the driftwood and stones. Rotana rarely change their habitat, so if one day you managed to find the place a large catch, the new you will not have to search.

Bait for rotan

When fishing for large specimens is effectively the use of bait in combination with a suitable activator hunger fish. Best for this purpose, suitable blood or meat Rotana chopped into small pieces or minced. But remember that bait fish responds slowly and reluctantly, bites need to wait for a long time, so it’s best to implement it in the day before fishing.

Tackle box

Getting started fishing, special attention should be paid to equipment. You can use float or celkovou bait. He also caught on a big jig. In places where there is an abundance of duckweed, it is best to use a heavy tungsten jig, otherwise fit the classic lead.

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